What Pirates could challenge them?


In my current group as The Pcs have retired as Lords of Drinax for a laugh I've led their Kids take over 4 of their parents 6 Harriers and to stop them getting bored whilst waiting to inherit their families Estates they've headed to Deneb for fun doing risky trades, nasty mercenary work and occasional Privateering and Piracy and want to know that when Pirates attack them or they attack Pirates what number and type of Pirate could win?. Here are their 4 Ships. What do you think?. I know I'm sad and getting desperate for fresh ideas

They are all 200 ton Drinaxi Class Commerce Raiders

Other then all being fully repaired, fully refurnished, fully refurbished, having A 2nd Triple Turret that has 2 Sandcasters and A Pulse Laser, 5 tons of Sandcaster Barrels, 4-ton medical Room and 20.75 tons of Cargo Space they’re standard

All 4 of them have 11 crew, The Captain/Position 12 is A Pc and, including The Pc, their crews are 3 Marines, 2 Gunners, 1 Medic, 1 back-up engineer, 1 back-up pilot, 1 engineering officer, 1 piloting officer, 1 1st officer who doubles as A 4th Marine and The Captain who doubles as A Reserve Medic

All 11 of The None-Pc Personnel on all 4 ships all have A +3 DM in their 5 key-skills and A +2 DM in their 3 none-key skills


Including maintenance, upkeep and crew wages it costs Cr 147,940x4 or Cr 591,760 per month. But their parents have given them 1 Cr 35,000,000 Farming Estate each that nets them Cr 175,000x4 a month or Cr 700,000 a month or Cr 108,240 a month