What is your main army?

What is your main army?

  • Bugs

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  • MI

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  • Skinnies

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  • Bugs + MI - can't decide, so both

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  • All the shiny SST models I can get my hands on

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Low Roller 1-1

I was thinking: What is your main army - if you have one!

Me I can't make my mind up over MI and Bugs,
So at present I am collecting both!

Then there is light MI!!!

And I am leaving skinnies to Anton (for now)
behold the mighty bug armies as they crush the weak humans. :lol: something like that lol..im playing bugs atm but who knows what the future will bring
Well I have 1000pts of Skinnies :roll:

I wanted the MI, but haven't worked out the full points value yet :)

And there's no one in my gaming group doing bugs so had to do them, not that I minded there great Mini's :D

All I have to do now is get round to painting them :(
gotta be the bugs.... love em to bits,

spend hours painting the little darlings just to watch low-roller kick the be-jesus out of them!! :shock:

But tonight I'm having my second game with the 82nd engineering Core! lets see how we fare Mr Roller :wink:
I have all three right now! I am aiming at being able to field a company of MI (because I am a sick, sick man!), I have a skinnie raiding force of about 1000 points, though I know this will grow when the plastics come out, and I have my bug horde! 78 warriors, 12 hoppers, and 10 firefries once I receive all the stuff that I have ordered. Then of course I still have to order the tanker and the brain and the plasma... :twisted:
Well, I don't actually have any armies, yet! I'm waiting impatiantly for the delivery of my box set. :p

Tentativly, I am planning on collecting about 1000 points of both MI and Bugs to start. This is partially because both look so cool I wanted to, and partly because I don't yet know anyone else who is collecting SST. Hopfully after running a few game using my own resources, I will be able to get some other people interested in collecting their own armies. :wink:
i collect both, but at the moment i have more MI then bigs(at lest point wise). However in 9/10 games played so far, i have played bugs 9 times, and MI once.

I am planning equal armies. hte Ideas is that even if no one around here ends up playing it, i will still have enough forces to have a large battle with a friend.
Similar to Orc – I am building both
Lots of ‘em!

I love the MI, but what good are the troopers with out some targets to shoot at!


MI are my babies but ive collected 4k of them now !!! not that hard to do when you think about it.

so im concentrating on getting a half decent force of bugs together, so i can have somthing to play against, my main oponent is trying to save up to go ozz with me next year, just biught soem bits today that now take me to 2k of bugs hurrah..
I'm have say MI because right about now I have say 30-35 caps a chicken with plenty more pieces on the way. Seriously though all those options not to mention those amazing fireworks we call nukes! :)
We're going to do both in our house that way we get even armies to pit agianst each other, although I think I like the bug options and their finer points over the MI.
I'm getting both in equal numbers, pointswise.

I'll probably buy a bunch of skinnies later. Finished, I have about 2000 pts or so of MI right now and about 1500 pts of bugs so I obviously need to get more bugs.

Of course now that warmaster ancients is out, they both might be on hold for a little while as I get some Roman civil war figs together.,
i'm getting both arachnids and MI, maybe even skinnies when they properly released. i love all the models and since no one near me collects as well i need two armys so they can borrow one
Have 40 fully painted bugs, and 18 fully painted and based MI. Still working on more of each, and when the Skinny armies are release, I will add them also. So, with time all things SSG!!

Will be skinnies
unless the light mobile infantry look good and are come more to a box than the current MI
Unlike other games I've done, I'm going to have a little bit of each army (MI, Bugs, Skinnies), although I'll probably have more MI that anything else.

Ooooo... shiny....
Unlike other games I've done, I'm going to have a little bit of each army (MI, Bugs, Skinnies)

That's one of the nifty things about getting in at the start of a game, lots of possibilities. 8)
nanite said:
That's one of the nifty things about getting in at the start of a game, lots of possibilities. 8)

The good thing about me and anton both coillecting bugs and MI is we can try out stuff with out the cost I had 48 warrrior bugs on monday!!