What does this say about our grand old game

I'd say something about a hobbit putting his finger into Sauron's ring, and Sam and Frodo climbing up to the Crack of Doom, but I now have to go away and have my double entendre subroutines upgraded ...

Vader: "I am your father."
Luke: "Yeah. I saw the family album, Dad. Jeez, you were such a whiney, posey emo back then!"
kristof65 said:
Spoiler's are a Hollywood conspiracy. See, Hollywood has been conditioning us to talk about things so that we will spoil it for others, therefore encouraging everyone to see something as soon as it comes out to avoid hearing/seeing the spoilers. This is part of their grand conspiracy to part us from our money.
Exactly. I mean what are all those commercials for and reviews about a movie for, wasting the studio's money and such? NO! They are all just giant spoilers designed to get us into the theater.

I remember when the movie "Top Secret" came out (Val Kilmer and such). The commercial had some great gags in it... and it was ALL the great parts in the move, you got to the theater and the part you hadn't seen was pure crap.

Same thing with the second Indiana Jones movie. They had a scene playing off of the first movie's classic "aw hell, just shoot the dude who's swinging the big sword and be done with it" moment. It was (for me) a high point of the movie but it was in the damm ads. So it was a non-moment by the time I got to see the movie.

SPOILER ALERT: You can pretty much count on the hero living, and getting the girl, and earth being saved, and the disaster averted. DISCLAIMER: The last one may require negating the first two.
I was in a Borders book store today looking through the Aug 2009 issue of "Sci-Fi Magazine"... in an article discussing Battlestar Galactica they spoiled the end of the series without any warning, so I guess we're all safe there Kafka.