What demographic are you?

What age demographic are you?

  • I still take a bus to school (regular or short)

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  • College money goes towards essentials; beer & food

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  • Out of college and working; Reality Bites

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  • Continuing education, B5 Phd, Beam Weapon Doctorate, etc.

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  • Professional age - been working for sometime, have a family

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  • Midlife crisis - about to buy a sportscar

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  • Retired with Minbari grandchildren

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I'll add the following items to the poll:

1.) out of college/university (or didn't attend at all) and unemployed
2.) Single males/Females who are proffesional
3.) frobisher

Problem is, how do I edit a poll once active?
I'm professional (in what, is unsure as yet), but married, which gives all u single ACTA players an achieveable goal - not so fast, LBH lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!
You cant edit a poll once active. Its to stop people rigging them. Youll have to start a fresh one.

ps. I would regard unemployed as 'out of college and working blah blah blah'

You are nonetheless out of education and in the employment sector even if you dont currently have a job (I'm unemployed myself at the moment)
32, poinless degree, and more pointless post grad diploma, and a bobbins job in government service. on the plus side, i'm really looking forward to buying my second hand 2 seater sportscar :)
36..married...2 dogs and no children.

Wooohooo! :twisted:

Our money goes on a nice house, holidays, pub lunches, handbags and shoes (her), books/RPGs/DVDs/war games (me).

Life could be worse 8)
Thinking about it, this type of information could actually be useful for Mongoose themselves. It gives them a slice of what the online community is like. Of course many sales will be with kids in stores who then don't come along but it's got to have some use...

I'm just thinking about the age ranges - is it because most of us started watching B5 in the '90s and now the same people enjoy it but are ten years older?
Basically i never watched the TV series, except maybe 3 times.....at least you can count it with one hand.

But kinda that already hooked me up. Bought all the box sets and now Im playing ACTA too.........

Kinda love at first sight. Even though it was a very short sight...
31, married with one newborn pouchling.

By the way, I intended "Professional age - been working for sometime, have a family" to include singles. The comma was intended to note two different things. Wouldn't want to exclude the bachelors/bachelorettes!
Soon to be 23, single until a week from Saturday, moving to Atlanta to get PhD in Chemistry from Georgia Tech.

Got into ACtA because I loved the show, and they told me I didn't HAVE to buy hundreds of dollars of minis to play (college money only goes so far).