What a Fantastic Game!!!


Hi all,
I've finally had the opportunity to run my first Conan session for a few friends the other day. While they know who Conan is, they know very little about the actual Hyborian world and never read any of Howards work or any other Conan stories for that matter (Lucky me :twisted: ).

I just have to say, it's absolutely brilliant!

Mongoose has totally hit the mark with this game. They've captured the fast paced, action filled, brutal nature of the Hyborian world as well as anyone could have. And my players are still reeling from how much more "real" this game feels when compared to more traditional D20 fantasy they had all gotten used to. Mind you, I think the manner in which armor is used and the use of the 20 point massive damage rules goes a long way to help :D

Further, we are all in love with the magic rules. It feels mysterious and dangerous and powerful. No one assumes the scholar in the party is just a walking artillery peice. And they were completely freaked when I hit him with his first war of souls.

I must confess, I was a little wary of what the reaction of the women in my group would be to the game, both in style and in physical presentation. But I needn't have worried. They thought the art was a propos and the inclusion of strong females in both the illustrations and in my game made it a complete non-issue with them. They're just enjoying the much grittier and more "realistic" tone of the game, same as the rest of my players.

I have decided to purchase the Atlantean edition of the game (likely 2 copies) having told my players about it before we began. I explained that after the introductory session, they should tell me if they want to continue with a full campaign or if they would rather go back to a more familiar fantasy genre. They all unanimously, and vehemently I might add, wanted to continue with Conan.

With that, I'll likely be ordering at least one copy of just about every product in the game line currently available. And several of my players have expressed interest in buying their own Conan RPG books.

My hat goes off to you Mongoose. Kudos on a great product that does honest justice by the fantastic license you aquired. If ever a game deserved to be done right, this is it. And you are certainly the people to do it.

Just out of curiosity, wat did you run for your first adventure? I'm thinking of running Black Stones in a few weeks, and tweek it to fit in the Pictish Wilderness. How easy did you find the rules? At the moment, they're the only thing holding me back, with Conan being my first D20 game.
Just to let you all know...

My group has emphatically stated they want to continue with Conan...I have 20 'Fantasy books' gathering dust on the shelves, and we are instead having a blast with Conan...

And I do now have everything that has been put out...
Hi Lucius,
I ran a one session homebrew set in the Border Kingdoms.
Nothing too fancy in the way of story. A case of the PC's being hired as mercenaries by a Nemedian noble who needs them to track down vicious bandits that have been raiding his northernmost villages, then disapearing back accross the border to hide out in the hills.

The bandits are being given succor by one of the many renegade nobles who have fled there. In particular, a once rival of the PC's patron, now re-establishing himself in this wild country. He still has some small measure of his former fortune at his disposal, and figures to increase his own wealth while getting revenge on the hated rival who caused his downfall. And of course, he has secured the services of a low powered wizard to help him in his scheme.

As for the rules, the only thing that took us a bit of getting used to is armor piercing. But after the first combat, it becomes fairly intuitive. And I must say, everyone seems to love the fact armor degrades after taking a powerful blow. It means that skills which allow you to maintain and repair it become truly worth taking.

Overall we found the rules to be fairly fast paced and cinematic. Mind you, we don't play with miniatures, and I would imagine that their inclusion would slow things down a lot. I prefer a more narrative approach to the game. Magic works very well. But any player who wants to play a scholar had better understand that he most certainly will not be using his sorcery in every combat. But that when he does call on it, it WILL be felt.