Ok, I am very new to the Conan world. On my 2nd session playing as a thief. I failed a disable device check and got hit with a curse that turned me into a werehyena. Now the DM is also on only his 2nd session playing Conan so we are kinda fumbling throuhg it together. I notice that i get some huge str/dex/con bonus' and alot of other combat based bonuses. I realize that at the moment i am stuck as a hyena which removes my ability to speak and use hadns and such. If i can get this curse removed and possibly learn how to control my shifting what drawbacks are there to having a wereform? it seems to me that i am almost unstopable in were form. any help would be really appreciated.

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I already voiced my opinions over at rpg.net but I'm also interested to see what people here think.

Basically the concensus over there was that as the character's corruption grew he would eventually lose control and go on killing rampages more and more often; it would also lead to possible player isolation as the rest of the party hung out in the town carousing and wenching away.

Since both you and the GM are fairly new to this (question - new just to Conan, or rpgs generally?) I would say that this gives a great direction for the campaign to go in as your colleagues have to travel the land and hunt down a sage able to cure you, all the while trying to keep you from ravaging the surrounding countryside and where necessary protect you from the town watch or other adventurers out to rid the land of this new menace. See where I'm going with this? It's still a curse, but you can use it to tell a great story!

Perhaps once (if) you get cured, you might feel remorse at the actions you committed in were-form and feel compelled to somehow make up for them by doing good deeds, or giving anonymous donations to your previous victims etc.

If you think about it, the losing the ability to speak is going to be a huge disadvantage - try roleplaying it out in a session where you are unable to communicate with your colleagues except via barking and growling. Might feel weird at first but it would probably really help you get some sense of the isolation you would begin to feel.
Hmmm, I didn't know that you could have a trap trigger a spell. Not saying it is incorrect. Since anyone can change anything they really like in the book.

Since I don't have the book in front of me, I can't remember the details on this spell. When I get home, I'll look it up.

Oh, and are you playing a were-critter as a player character?

EDIT: Hey, maybe it does work that way! I just posted this and got changed into a weasel.
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I get wierded out when I read the same topic on multiple websites.


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I get wierded out when I read the same topic on multiple websites.



Wow, you are right! Half the stuff they are typing on that other board, I was thinking of typing myself here in answer.
I didn't know that you could have a trap trigger a spell.
In D&D you could easily -- but in Conan? Dunno -- not very Conanesque.

Certain items could cause curses like the one recieved but it would be an inherent property of an item and not something that could be subject to a Disable Devices.

Of course, you're new to the Conan RPG and quite possibly the world of Howard. A tip for you and your GM: This isn't a D&D sourcebook. The touch and feel of everything is rather alien to what other fantasy RPGs put forth. Here's how I see the turning of a person into a werehyena going down in a Howard story:

Power Corrupts: the person affected would surely want to take advantage of any control that he could gain over his condition. He is no longer a mere mortal but ferocious beast that can terrorize the country side and looks down upon all humans as weak and insignificant. A new predator lurks in the shadows of Numalia, set up a fiefdom, control his slaves by fear, The Cult of the Hyena, human sacrifice!

By no means would he want to rid him self of the powers gained -- his entire outlook on life has changed now -- the servitors of Zem have turned their feckless gaze upon his tired form and blessed him with unspeakable powers!

Of course he would hide these desires until the time is ripe!

His Companions would be terrified and repulsed by the transformation. Magic is a dark art and they would surely shun the person affected -- even try to kill him. Those with a code of honor would do so to put the poor fellow out of his misery, those without because he's a threat to their lives. Companions who have gained some corruption might forego violence and instead try to control or befriend the beast, gaining his might and favor!

Whenever I run into a problem like yours I try to ask myself: What would Conan do? There's no doubt in my mind that he would either flee or kill the werehyena. There would be no quest, there would be no desire to tolerate him -- at best there would be only pity that a life was thus lost.

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I reckon that by continuing to play your character as a Werehyena you have two routes you can follow. The first is as Bhil describes above but there is another option.
Wolfshead by REH shows the story of a soldier who is ostensibly an honourable man fighting against the ravening wolf demon that shares his body with his own soul.
Although I think your character is ultimately doomed to death or damnation it would be very cool to play as your fate points are used up to remove corruption. If I was your GM i would look seriously at the possibility of slipping you the occasional fate point to keep what would be a veryinteresting character in his story.
If you get your own GM to read the story there is also the possibility that if fate is with you then you may even have the chance to redeem yourself and escape your doom.
By the way,are you a shapeshifter or have you been trapped in hyena form by the awful rite of the werebeast?
Great points from all involved. I really appreciate all the possitive feedback ive gotten. I definately plan on attempting to master my new were form and learn how to shift but in the mean time i plan on being a mean feral bastard and killing everything i can. luckily my friend is a fairly evil necromancer who can hypnotize some so he should be able to keep the rest of the party alive and keep me happy i also plan on using any amount of will power i do have left to not kill my friends but definately plan on raveging the countryside while they are in town

any other ideas or opinions would be fun to read

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