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archon96 said:
the enterprise c & d were real ugly. the B & E are pretty good. The reliant and defiant are my two favorites.
Personally the Enterprise B is my favorite ship, followed closely by the excelsior, Enterprise C, Defiant and Akira class, the E, original, A and NX are nice as well, whilst I am not that keen on the D, it just seems bloated and rather unwieldy, with too much focus on comfort and showing off then anything else, it is a pet theory of me and a few friends that as a ship, the Galaxy class was only really good as a propaganda/statement/luxury ship, and was kinda mediocre at best ateverything else due to the amount of space and design choices made towards comfort, and that is partly why the older classes such as the excelsior, Miranda and Ambassador remained in service for so long.


If youre diplomatic missions and want to show off the luxury of the federation bring a galaxy. If you actually want something blown up bring an excelsior. If you want to scare the crap out of them bring a squadron of Defiant's.