weirdo's are us.


We started off playing all earthforce characters but then had to restart due to boredom problems. We now have a bunch of misfits doing jobs on the side,all 5 do have morals and are sort of honest.
1.Minbari telepath- warrior caste clan/casteless. - protecting and teaching no.2.
2.Human lurker/telepath(in that order)- iliterate, unsocialized and just started as a telepath at age:25. Currently learning reading off Sesame Street.
3.Centauri noble - worked out no male heirs survived long enough to be presented to the Matriarch of the family and left before she noticed him.
4. Narn technomage - pretending to be a centauri slave.
5. Narn soldier - looking for adventure (read fights and acquiring stuff) "does the box open if I drop it? how about if I kick it? what about smack it against the wall?"

Anyone got any ideas for other misfits to add to the group if we get more people.

Especially for the other races.
How about:

- a female of the evening (postitute)

- small time conartist who owes a large number of credits to a major crime boss

- station security officer who has a gambeling problem

- dock worker who avoids work

- station Starfury pilot who chases any member of the opposite sex

- a would be assasin who has botched his last three jobs

- a freighter crewman who was fired when his ship docked at B5 for hitting his captain and no one is willing to hire him

- station Starfury pilot who chases any member of the opposite sex

Sounds like FUN!!! Maybe I should try to do that in your game Sidney!

Anyone got any ideas for other misfits to add to the group if we get more people.
How about...

- Brakiri freelance mercenary secretly working for one of the big companies...

- Leftover Markab who realized he didn't have to live "decent" to avoid drafa, having got his shots from medlab and is now curious about all he missed...

- Pak'ma'ra cook (you don't wanna know...)

- Centauri slaver wanna-be ("hey, can I buy your daughter?")

- Gaim drug-dealer (organic drugs - self produced)

- Old Dilgar war criminal hiding (remember, cosmetic surgery won't stand up to a medlab examination)

- Drazi fanatic ("Green!!!")

- Drazi fanatic ("Purple!!!")

- Llort adventurer ("possossion is ten-tenths of the law, remember")

- Abbai martial artist ("...well, it was self-defense...")

- station Starfury pilot who chases any member of the same (!) sex

- ex-pirate Narn trying to stay ahead of bounty hunters

- Vree "scout" who got kicked out of his guild for "getting caught" (abducting people and doing inappropriate things involing cows and anal probes)...

misfits anough? :wink: :p :D
El Cid's collection-
Drazi negotiator- definate possibility, it's the opposite to what you would expect.
The others too ordinary.
None of the characters at the start could speak to their own species' ambassador.
The starfury pilot - does he restrict it to his species or any? If so how does he tell with some of the species what sex they are?
To clarify the Minbari character- he kicked himself out of the religious caste because it was too religious.

Shadow scout's collection-
Much better. You thought about the group.
Brakiri - are mercenary(It's part of their race description) and likely to be working for a big company. Now if where a Brakiri philanthropist or one working for another species' company. That would fit.
The sensible markab would have been a possibility before the Markab plague. After if mearly(is that spelt right?) using logic for a change.

Definately the Pak'ma'ra - a gourmet chef ,who is also a neat freak would be one.

The Centauri - had enough "How much for just the women?" in a D&D game. But it would be interesting watching him try to buy and store them.(and survive the rest of the party finding out he bought them. WEll except for the other Centauri.

Gaim - gross(I can see my character asking how they m ake them and watching) but usable. As long as they don't produce harmful drugs, at which point they would be turned into security.
Dilgar - neither will a non-compassionate attitude hold up, to a party with a high amount of sense motive skill(ok we're all a little paranoid).
Drazi- obvious - pacifist or intellectual would be more like it.
LLort - would fit in with my character who lists things as lost or found, depending on whether the item is coming or going, regardless of the method. (Where did you get that. Found it.)
Abbai martial artist - from the deascription, I think thats actually standard. One that gores out of their way to pick fights would do.
Narn- standard disad.
Vree- does that mean he mutilated the people and used the anal probe on the cows. How confused does he get with other instructions?( Old viking joke - I told you it'srape the women and pillage the village.)

Good attempt however.

Human rogue telepath- with really good computer skills. Decided the best way to stay out of Psi Corp was to fake being a member. Wears Psi Corp uniform and has on her Id card that she's a member. Unfortuantely only good until someone notices the program she left in Psi Corps database, that says she's a member and removes any information about her.

Keep trying.

"I,m so far around the bend, I'm doing laps. Every so often I pass sanity. Briefly and at speed."
The Starfury pilot is intelligent. He'd do the research on the species if he is chasing it! ( I know I'm he!) And I believe my character hasn't really chased the other species. He is just very nice to others. Think code of honor! He goes by the philosophy of treating other like he;d like to be treated. Respect others until they prove they don't deserve it.

what about married state. Is he worried about husbands? Could provide a lot of amusement ( and some great blackmail material.)
Centauri slaver wanna-be ("hey, can I buy your daughter?")

LoL ShadowScout...

How about a Starfury pilot who is claustraphobic?

"NO I wont go in there again!!!!"

P.S. Shadow scout I have enjoyed your views and "discusions" since the start of this forum, particulaly your exchanges with the ever excellent Neo... in fact i miss them lots :D
Agoraphobic would work just as well but how do you get them to B5 or into/out of any spaceship.

The concept must still be playable. A claustraphobic person on a spaceship/station is not a good idea. At least without a good will save and really good medical insurance. What size area sets them off? They are on a station only 8kms long and can't go outside (safely). How do they react to that.

This more along the line of the opposite to standard behaviour for their race. For example, only one person in the group. The narn soldier could go and speak to their race's ambassador. They were all(mostly) law abiding people but due to the "peculiarities " of each of them, were effectively outcasts from their societies.
I was thinking to be playable it would have to be a mild disadvantage.

The player in my campaign, had a history of brutal parents who locked him in cupboards, and the aversion did not show until he had completed training, way we played it he would fein sickness if he was ordered to a patrol, or not if he made his willsave. In the adventure, he kept voluntiering for duties on bigger ships to keep him away from fighters, it worked well and "fitted in" as this made the ref (me) to place him more with the party, than do individual stufff.
So he didn't get a medical or psychological check at all before or during his service period. Or did he get checked and they decided to just keep an eye on him and see if it got out of hand.

I think the Phobia will save for a Psi Exp is either 15 or 20. so yours would have to be less.

Hope you don't end up in the situation one of mine ended up in. Character had severe claustrophobia but only in relation to buildings by a specific race ( she was caught in quite a few collapses while working as a mercenary) The party had to go into a tower to meet someone and she refused to go in. Instead of asking what was the matter, they just dragged her kicking and screaming inside. She went catatonic and they didn't work out the problem until the person they were meeting asked them about her and then insisted they go outside.

The moral of the story is: make sure at least one other party member knows about any psychological problems. It cuts down on embarassing situations ( like explaining to security why you are dragging an unconscious person around)
So he didn't get a medical or psychological check at all before or during his service period. Or did he get checked and they decided to just keep an eye on him and see if it got out of hand.

I used a hero system conversion, char had (uncommon, strong 10 pts) Char also had 3 dice luck, so got through psch prolfiles and medical examinations that way. The ships doctor, was convinced he had a rare non-contageous tropical disease :)