A shameless way to make Shadow Stars exist!

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So hada bit of time and wrote some stuff - enjoy or don't! :D
A New Universe

By the time the unstoppable Minabri warfleets began to close on a defiant but increasingly desperate Earth, the Shadows had already awoken and were watching the conflict with interest. The Earth Gov emissaries to the varied alien governments gained Earth nothing but sympathy and expensive weapon systems unproven against the technological superiority of the Minbari.

Earth Scout ships scoured long dead planets for lost technology and desperately sought out unconnected races in search of some way to help halt the Minbari threat. On a seemingly dead planet near the rim, they found what they had searched and so much more.

In Earth Orbit, a multitude of jump points formed and the remnants of the Earth Alliance fleet stood ready to give their lives to allow the civilian transports to escape the Earth. Io was gone and Mars ignored as the Minbari cruised towards their prey, wiping out the initial picket ships almost without noticing.

Then they came, darkness became manifest as the Ancient Enemy appeared amongst the shoal of Minbari cruisers and struck hard. Iridescent beams sliced through Battlecruisers and fighters alike, devastating the fleet. The Minbari, a race ruled by the Warrior caste reacted the only way they knew how to – they fought back and they fought back hard.

A thousand years had passed since the Shadows had shattered their race and ruined their home world, only stopping when the Vorlons intervened directly – threatening a greater war that neither of the First Ones wished. On their new homeworld of Ralafa, Bitter and ashamed the Warrior Caste took control of their people and vowed never to suffer such ignominy. They declared their borders inviolate and together with the Worker Caste they began to rebuild their war machine so it would be the equal of any that they would face, even the Shadows. The Religious Caste was relegated to a symbolic role and acted as conduit to the Vorlons, whose aid had saved them.

When the Earthforce Explorer vessel strayed into their space, they were met with fire and death – like others before them. Yet the Earther’s did not react as the Centauri and others had done and wisely left them alone. A vengeful human battle fleet jumped into Minbari space and attacked a colony in reprisal, quickly being slaughtered by the advanced defences and responding warships. Outraged the leaders of the Warrior Caste decided that it was time that the Galaxy knew what it meant to challenge the Minbairi.

Shadow and Minbari ships alike perished under a hail of weapons fire that made those that the watching Earth force ships carried seem like toys. At first unsure of what to do, the Earth Fleet was quickly ordered to target the Minbari and assist the others in any way they could. Many ships that moved into that hell storm of energy beams did not survive, fighters and cruisers perishing in seconds. Yet as they died, so did the pride of the Minbari navy, none surrendered, they fought until their ships were shattered hulks and then detonated their engines whenever possible to try and enact vengeance. And so it ended, the space surrounded Earth clogged with wreckage and drifting corpses as the Shadows vanished, though substantially diminished in numbers.

Earth had survived and won again, first the Dilgar and now the Minbari had proved no match for the power of its war machine – at least that was what Earth told a stunned galaxy. Alien governments took more notice of the upstart power and worried about its intentions – at first however it seemed Earth was content to consolidate its borders and rebuild its fleet. However disconcerting rumours began to build about the increasingly hard-line and dictatorial government.

Then in quick succession two neighbouring races were invaded by the Earth Alliance as they took vengeance on allies of the Minbari as they called them. The Vree were destroyed in a brutal invasion that shocked the rest of the galaxy and sickened many in the revived EarthForce – although questioning orders soon proved dangerous.

The galaxy braced itself for humanity’s next move, unable to stand as one as the Centauri and Narn continued to bicker and the Minbairi disdained to ask for assistance from lesser races. On Earth, the next phase of the regime’s plan for a New Earth was to dissolve PSI Corps and begin interning all telepaths. Despite the potential threat – suprisngly few of the telepaths resisted, obedience ingrained into them, yet some did – especially the hierarchy of the Corps. A vicious conflict began as the Corps revealed hidden resources and even warships and enlisted allies within alien governments – in particular the Narn to whom they offered the potential for the revival of their lost telepathic abilities.

A lone voice in the wilderness, a Narn named G’Kar stood against the threat of what he saw as a new “Lion of the Galaxy”. He spoke passionatly at home and abroad to all that would listen, both Narn and alien, he even managed to gain an audience with the new Centauri Emperor who seemed to anxious to make amends for past transgressions against his race. Refuges from human space, both telepath and non telepath alike began to arrive and even a few warships unwilling to continue their service to what they called a dictatorship. Captains such as Sheriden of the destroyer Agamemnon spoke of terrifying new ships being developed, fast and deadly with a beam weapon able to carve a ship in two and capable of shifting in and out of hyperspace rather than using Jump points – they named them Shadow Stars.

Then the Vorlons spoke to the varied races through an explorer lost in their space during the searches for weapons to fight the Minbari. Catherine Saki pledged assistance from her masters, but only to those who united against a common threat, any who stood alone would be crushed by Earth and their masters the Shadows, whose true nature was revealed.

Far from the enemy a great battle station would be built to command and co-ordinate the fight – a place for all who would resist the new threat to rally to – be they human or Alien. They choose a human name, in ironic defiance of the human threat and in recognition of those who would fight their own – the Babylon Station.

The Vorlons pledged that they would protect it from their adversaries as they did the Minbari who would in turn take their place as leaders as befits the Warrior Caste. As the Minbari emerged from their seclusion they revealed their own new ships – mighty Sharlin cruisers shimmering with organic skin bearing the unmistakable mark of the Vorlons upon them……………


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