Weird results in world generation


Banded Mongoose
I'm prepping to run a Mercenaries campaign; and have decided to generate my own Foreven Sector, using physical dice for that old-school experience. One of the worlds I have so far is D037321-5: D-class starport, Size 0 (less than 1,000km), Atmosphere 3 (very thin), Hydrographics 7 (Earth-like)(?!), Population 3 (thousands), Government 2 (participating democracy), Law Level 1, Tech Level 5 (Industrial, mid-20th century).

What am I looking at? The idea I have ATM is a kind of scale-model planet: too small to have a real, natural atmosphere or oceans, but somebody installed a really big gravity generator to enable those features. Other ideas welcome.
"Size 0 or 1: Hydrographic 0" (that is set it to 0, not +0 DM) so says the Core Book p.251, but the idea of a water-laden microword is interesting :p

Doesn't have to be water...
The water and vegetation are underground, in roofed over canyons and craters, connected by tunnels cut for rivers, roads and greenways. That whole project was a much higher tech level, but it's a done deal by now except for maintenance. Current inhabitants might be squatters, or the descendants of the high tech people who built the place as an elysium, or even a social experiment left by the original builders.

In any event the system is largely self sustaining, but they occasionally have to hire outsiders for unplanned major repairs, or for missions off planet (diverting an asteroid on a collision course, capturing an ice comet for water replenishment). They might also need to hire outsiders to deal with other, problem outsiders - that low pop, low law level, probably town hall form of government suggests not a large reaction force either police, military or other. Assume I would assume TL 5 or higher small arms for self defense.

Population is low enough everybody lives near water and eats a lot of fish. Most families have a communal orchard that feeds not only them but their everpresent stills as well; alcohol is one of their few exports. Work is still necessary, but not many people have full time jobs in the industrial sense.

Many of the craters and tunnels are largely abandoned except by young locals exploring, a few really odd vagabond Travelers, and some belters turned tech scavengers. Population compared to living space is low enough the whole place would be vulnerable to a Camp of the Saints style rush by diverted cryo-colonists, a possibility the current residents haven't fully foreseen, but lack the numbers and organization to prepare for even if they were worried.
The water and vegetation are underground, in roofed over canyons and craters, connected by tunnels cut for rivers, roads and greenways.
That's Atmo 0 and Hydro 0 with additional Library Data. The Hydro rating is specifically for *surface* fluids.

But you can get away with a lot in additional notes.
How about some fragment of degenerate matter (e.g. white dwarf fragment)? Everyone assumes it's stabilized by Ancients' level technology, but no one has figured out how to access it or whether it's even there.