Weapon Question


Do any of you have any thoughts on what the stats would be for a chain and a spiked chain. I was thinking that the chain would be basically like an improvised club. But I don't know what to do about spiked chain. Any thoughts?
Don't have a copy at hand, but isn't a spiked chain in the D&D Player's Handbook? Just raise damage by one dice size (i.e. d6 becomes d8 ) and take other stats from other full metal weapons.

Even if I appreciate the Howardian approach in the core rulebook, one thing I miss are various weapons not mentioned by REH (it doesn't have to be something weird like Orc Double Axe from D&D). Maybe in future supplements...?
So the weapons are basically just a step up damage die wise, that should help a lot. Course my players didn't follow the plot thread that led to the spiked chain, but thanks a lot. The damage step thing will help when converting some D&D adventures