WARS lacking stories



Hi you all!

It's me (the Germanguy) once again. As I'm not able to download the three WARS stories anywhere on the net:

Family Matters by Mark Tuttle
The Agrippa Encounter by Kyle Heuer
Rousing Leap by Chuck Kallenbach

I wanted to ask if anybody has them already and would be so kind to send them via email?!?

greetz and thank you
Why can't you just download them from the Decipher website?

www.decipher.com click on Wars TCG link on the right, then go to the fiction section.

If that desn't work, email me with a list of what you need at brogbac@gmail.com, and I'll email them back. I have them all.
Baca said:
Why can't you just download them from the Decipher website?

www.decipher.com click on Wars TCG link on the right, then go to the fiction section.

Those links have necer worked for me, the files don't seem to be there.

Someone pointed out to me the links don't work and sure enough, they're gone. Good thing I downloaded the last story because I originally procrastinted. (I also managed to get a print copy of the original story "A Matter of Life or Death" I begged off a store owner once)

Anyone wants the downloads, email me at brogbac@gmail.com and I'll send them to you. (Maybe someone could host them)

Here is a complete list:

Return to Juno by Mark Tuttle Late 2005
Download 99 K PDF

Negotiation by Chuck Kallenbach 3-23-05
Download 72 K PDF
Take your first look at the beautiful and deadly Raving Red-Jane! Not only is she dangerous to opponents but sometimes to her associates as well!

Anticipation by Chuck Kallenbach 3-15-05
Download 72 K PDF
This micro story originally appeared in the French gaming magazine Lotus Noir.

Family Matters by Mark Tuttle 2-25-05
Download 72 K PDF
The Quay attack Earth and kidnap a young boy, but what are they really after?

The Agrippa Encounter by Kyle Heuer 2-15-05
Download 72 K PDF
An intense story of a Maverick crew answering an Earther automated distress call, and the horrors they find within.

Rousing Leap by Chuck Kallenbach 2-9-05
Download 72 K PDF
A Quay assault on a Gongen mine on Ganymede gives a rookie squad leader perspective on her leadership role. Learn more details about one of the exciting stories from Nowhere to Hide.

Playing by the Rules by Mark Tuttle 1-24-05
Download 136 K PDF
Jack Wilgress is pulled into a deadly game of blackjack in the infamous Rats' Nest, in this rousing Maverick tale by Decipher's Public Relations and Marketing Manager – and WARS Radio host – Mark Tuttle.

Rolling Thunder by Michael O'Brien 1-7-05
Download 28 K PDF
A Cog and her Cog-to-be apprentice repair (well, sort of) a downed Juggernaut and head for a mining facility to take it back from the Earthers controlling it.

Weight of Command by Chuck Kallenbach 12-23-04
Download 36 K PDF
An ambitious Crown class Tilak seeks to retrieve a "spy" quarrel and its pilot from Venus... and in the process, to enhance his own prestige.

Claim Jumper by Michael O'Brien 12-16-04
Download 36 K PDF
In this Maverick short story by Michael O'Brien (desktop support specialist in Decipher's Information Services department), a Hellcat pilot and a Cartel programmer make an intriguing – and, they hope, profitable – find on an abandoned Gongen station. But they're not the only ones interested...

Nowhere to Hide, Part 2 by Tim Ellington 12-9-04
Download 48 K PDF
Will Howler's troops succeed in fending off the Gongen attack? Find out in the conclusion to Tim Ellington's short story.

Nowhere to Hide by Tim Ellington 12-2-04
Download 44 K PDF
Howler's Blades are assigned to guard a CGC mining complex on Ganymede... but against what threat? Exciting new WARS fiction by Decipher Game Studio VP Tim Ellington.

Cloud by Erika Stensvaag 11-18-04
Download 44 K PDF
Technician Sana Camrik is assigned to a dangerous mission in Horatio Hicks' effort to reclaim Phobos from the Gongen.

Keeping Score by Chuck Kallenbach II 11-17-04
Download 24 K PDF
A Quay mauler hunts human prey on an Earther-occupied asteroid.

Don't Divulge the Whole at Once by Evan Lorentz 10-21-04
Download 40 K PDF
When a Shi ship crashes on Venus, a deep-cover operative seeks intelligence about the enemy.

When the Mind Is Realized, the Body is Free by Chuck Kallenbach II 10-15-04
Download 40 K PDF
A damaged bot, salvaged from the back streets of Themis by a female Maverick "Cog", tries to fill in the gaps in its memory.

A Monster Amiong Monsters by Michael Stackpole 10-4-04
Download 36 K PDF
What's a human doing playing chess with a Quay? Find out in Michael Stackpole's Quay tale.

The First Arrow Was Light, But the Second Went Deep by Michael Stackpole 9-24-04
Download 32 K PDF
As nanites regenerate a wounded Shi warrior, he considers how humans fit into the Shi's concept of reality.

Your Life Is Already Lost! by Michael Stackpole 9-16-04
Download 36 K PDF
Starhawk meets Torako's brother in a duel to first blood.

Even in Defeat, a Beautiful Performance by Michael Stackpole 9-9-04
Download 36 K PDF
This sequel to "A Matter of Life or Death" gives further insight into Kujiko Torako, and the Gongen culture, as she visits her mentor and teacher to confess her "failure".

Followers Have Neither Peace Nor Rest by Michael Stackpole 9-2-04
Download 36 K PDF
Newly graduated Earther cadet Sheria Coreg attempts to explain to a classmate why she accepted an assignment to the Outer Rim instead of a "safe" posting at the Venus yacht-works.

A Matter of Life or Death by Michael Stackpole 8-22-04
Download 1 MB PDF
In Stackpole's first WARS story, enemies Maverick Nick "Starhawk" Murrin and Gongen Kujiko Torako face the Shi – and form an unexpected alliance. The PDF is a full-color reproduction of the printed story booklet, complete with illustrations.