Warmek: Centaur class


Hi, Team Mongoose!

On several occasions I`ve read something about a new Warmek class (the last time: S&P Issue I)....!

So I`ve one question:

How do you plan to introduce this new warmek chassis class into A: 2089 RPG?

I`m very curious to hear something about these multi-legged Centaur Warmeks, because they seem to be big, nasty things with devastating firepower! (I just want to quote S&P I/p 54: "Crap", Mathis muttered. A Centaur most likely meant a mobile howitzer. Not good")

With these words I want to end my post.....hoping that my ill dreams come true! :p
The Centaur is somewhat different than the Multi-Legged platform... The rules for Centaurs were written for Upgrade:Armor to be published (some time) by Mystic Eye Games.