Want Some Candy? House Rules for Predators in GoMC1

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Dredd Times

Hi Folks,
As mentioned last week here are the rules I have been using for Predators in my own games of Gangs of Mega-City One. Just right click on the link below and choose the 'save as' option. The file isnt that large only 268kb so should download quickly even with a dial up modem


These rules are just a work in progress and as such not entirely finished. Any feedback is greatly welcomed and appreciated.

I don't think Ainsty are still doing them, but the certainly used to do a range of "Not The Predators" in resin, including clear resin for that cloaked look :)

There was one with a cricket bat for some reason as well... :?
Sad news about why Old Crow bought Ainsty though. The owner of Ainsty was dieing of Cancer, I guess he wanted it to go on and thats why they werent at colours. He died a few weeks after selling up.
copplestone pred by me :)