[V1][MI][PL1][4000pts] Air-inserted Exo Company


Company Command - 1355

Captain [Cougar] - 335
- SICON mil.int. (50)
- True Grit (50)
- Fleet Liason (20)
- Dirty Fighter (15)
- Fast Mover (15)
1x UAV (Controlled by the Captain) - 120
1x Flamberge [Firestorm payload] - 100
2x Thunderbolt TAC fighter (Ground Support) - 700

Plt 1 - 1435
Lt - [Cougar] 250
- True Grit (50)
- Stay Frosty (25)
- Fast Mover (15)
Squad Sgt [Cougar] Armourer (25), Crp [Grizzly w. Firestorm / Sixgun], Pvt [Grizzly w. twin Firestorms] (x2) 535
Slingshot (Ground Support) - 400
C.H.A.S. - 175

Plt 2 - 1435
Lt - [Cougar] 250
- True Grit (50)
- Stay Frosty (25)
- Fast Mover (15)
Squad Sgt [Cougar] Armourer (25), Crp [Grizzly w. Firestorm / Sixgun], Pvt [Grizzly w. Firestorm / Sixgun] (x2) 535
Slingshot (Ground Support) - 400
C.H.A.S. - 175

Total: 3975

All in reserve. Open up with a tactical airstrike to remove AA assets as well as reduce the numbers on the ground. Then the Slingshots will make a bomb run or two before delivering the C.H.A.S.es and Exo Suits.

I wish I had the points to spare for 3 more Flamberges, but hey... :p
Impressive. But 4,000 points is a lot of Bugs.

Working without the book in front of me, I suppose some counter-tactics would be splitting the 4000 points into 2, 2000 point colony forces to enable more specials, camping out the Bugs on tunnel assets for the cover bonus or underground as tunnel markers, using the max # of ambush bugs and cave ins around the areas the Exosuits would deploy into, and using Kamikaze Ripplers and Plasma Bugs against the air assets. It would make for an interesting game. I'd also try to swing two Brain Bugs to allow two units to coordinate per turn. That brings up another point which I think would be best as a new topic.
Against any Bug Player fielding significant number of Plasmas, Hoppers, Kamikaze Ripplers and tunnel assets this would turn into a massacre.

The List doesn't have even one PeeWee, how do you plan to get rid of Plasma Bugs and AA Bugs? (without getting most of your airforce shot down)

Besides that you have what?
11 Exos? A buddy has that much Troopers in his force, but that's just 2000p!
How do you plan to win an overrun mission?
Or a delay against a tunneling bug force?

And if you fight against MI you also face the AA Problem.
What if your opponent has decided to field more than two TAC Fighters?
Then you are in serious trouble as once your fighters are down the dropships will be unable to defend themselves against enemy fighters (and the ground troops can't hurt a TAC flying burn speed).
Yes, "for every action there is a reaction"...

Two colonies could sport an impressive number of [insert you favorite countermeasure of doom]. Indeed, a company of LAMI can sport ALOT of their own [insert your favorite countermeasure of doom].

But, if I am to start plaing it that way I will be using M9s and nukes in tandem with a couple of slingshots for reloads. Uppen the PL to 3 and bring the full fury of the fleet to back me, but that isn't my flavour.

A handfull of men and their fighting machines against a tide of mindless, crawling, snapping, snarling evil critters.

But, yes... I bet that my Forth will be ripping this list appart piece by piece without breaking a sweat! (Whenever they decide to release that is... ) But I won't get my fleet assets before the Forth anyway (unless I get my filthy pawns on those toys that goes on Ebay for silly amounts... ).

Senarios? To hell with them, just bomb the living hell out of the opposition! (Or die trying! ) :D
Sikil said:
A handfull of men and their fighting machines against a tide of mindless, crawling, snapping, snarling evil critters.

The original list for my Bug Canyon battle included the following Arachnid forces. It was 4600 points, but had more than typical tunnel assets because I was running it as a multi-player game. Dropping the Plasma Bugs or most of the funny Bugs brings it down to 4000 and would resemble the tide of mindless, crawling, snapping, snarling evil critters

Brain Bug w/Ego War and Shield
2 Plasma Bugs
10 Tiger Warriors
60 Warrior Bugs w/endless Tide
1 Mantis Assassin
2 Mantis Hunters
1 Infiltrator Bug
6 Hopper Bugs
10 FireFries
2 Burrower Bugs
2 Ambushing Warrior Bugs
6 Tunnel Entrances
1 Nest Entrance
7 Tunnel Markers

Depending on the table size you might have to blow a hole in the Warrior Bugs just to make space to land your ground force. :lol:

I've got an Exosuit platoon that may make its way to my workbench in the next few weeks. I might try out your force idea against my stock Bug Canyon swarm.
THAT is just awesome!


With the cutouts of the Starter Box, the Air assets are easily "proxied". Suggestion:

Keep the list as is and throw in a pair of PeeWees in my list. Flamberges with PeeWee... *drool*


1x Flamberge [Firestorm payload] - 100


2x Flamberge [PeeWee payload] - 700