Using the City State of the Invincible Overlord as Shadizar


Hey y'all, just a quick idea here...

Necromancer Games and Judges Guild published the new edition of the City State of the Invincible Overlord at the end of last year.

It is a complete city, with a map that details the various businesses and locations down to the streetlamp level.

It can quite readily be adapted for use as Shadizar. You can just add the cultural information from the Shadizar boxed set atop the basic details included in the CSIO. Most humans of the CSIO would be native Zamorians, unless otherwise described (such as Liar Mukang, reportedly a "far eastern prince," who could readily be from Khitai or Vendhya). For non-humans NPCs, simply change them to a non-Zamorian human of a cultural type based on the character description.

For example, the innkeeper Brooding Heylon of the Wanderer's Inn (#275) is so known since his daughter Yianiena was abducted by a troll. Change the troll to a Kothite kidnapper, and you've got yourself a Hyborian adventure...

Or the scribe, Toddy Carchimbor (#114)... he's already a priest of Hanuman the accursed!

There are 361 locations, complete with NPCs and adventure hooks, described in the book, not to mention an entire subterranean setting of old ruins and sewers, temples, new monsters, and tons of other stuff... all easily adaptable to be the city of Shadizar by dropping in the materials written by Vincent in the City of Wickedness boxed set...

Not to mention the awesome map...
#125: Whips
"Bullwhip Oddeith is fond of demonstrating the quality of his whips on the backs of his slaves, or customer's slaves as the whim strikes him."

Change: None, save perhaps the name to something more Zamorian... perhaps Oleg the Whip.

#93: Boatmaker
"Akelos the Gifted, a master craftsman, provides any small craft desired"

Change: Akelos (a Corinthian) is a cartwright, and makes chariots, carts, wagons, and such.

#135: Prancing Ki-Rin Saloon
"Catering to trolls, gnolls, fugitive goblins and brigands, Grotesque Jagyuk serves ale, meals of bread and cheese, and his infamous "Balrog Blast," a burning drink that causes almost instant drunkenness."

Changes: "Catering to thieves, adventurers, fugitive murderers and brigands, Grigori the Grotesque serves ale, meals of bread and cheese, and his infamous "Demonic Doom," a burning drink that causes almost instant drunkenness."

#161: Naughty Nannies
"Pratling and Madam Omelantra supply customers 'nannies' of their choice. Omelantra is never seen without her two mute, albino bodyguards that are housed in her private quarters."

Changes: Um... none. This sounds like something straight out of Zamora to me... :)

#280: Temple of the Gargoyle
"The massive Temple of the Gargoyle squats imposingly on the corner of Temple Street and Old South Road, leering at worshippers and passersy-by. Inside its dark gates, broad steps lead up to the towering statue of Arghrasmak, God of Gargoyles. In actuality, this is the long-dozing living god himself..."

Changes: Again, none... this temple positively screams for a Conan style adventure...

Lion Gate = Grand Gate
Gate of the Three Swords = North Gate
Gate of the Black Throne = Gate of the Gods
West Gate = End Gate
Note because of the nearby estuary, the wall does not run all the way around the CSIO. You could just say there is a wall there, or run with a river next to the city...

The Maul (The Desert)
The Thieves' Quarter, the southeastern section of the city, where can be found the "Street of Shadows," "Cutpurse Row," and "Dead-Broke street."

Temple District
Four major temples are all together in the north-central section of the CSIO near North Gate; in fact, three are back to back, and even share a mixed-up series of cellars and dungeons below. This works perfectly for Shadizar. The temples in other areas can be regarded as rogue temples opf foreign gods. There is even a temple to a spider god, which could be turned into a temple of Zath, making its way into Shadizar from Yezud...

Craftsman District = Merchant's Quarter

Merchant District = Commoner's Quarter

Caravan District = Seafront Quarter (change all references to sea travel, gods, sailors, etc. to land-based travel)

Wealthy Quarters = Nobles' Quarter; just add gates and guards where Cross, Belfry, and Prefect roads meet Ox-Cart Road; and where Begger's and By-Water Roads meet Twilight Road (which means that those who know the secret ways through the buildings fronting the Plaza of Profuse Pleasures and the Park of Oscene Statues and there have contacts will be at an advantage to get in or out of the Wealthy Quarter.

A note on naming conventions: Upper class names are Persian, while middle and lower class names are Slavic (Russian/Ukrainian). It seems to me from the kings names that the unclassified tribe that gave the Zhemri new impetus may well have been a tribe of the same people from which the Iranistani arose. Other hints in place names in Turan and Shem indicate that the Iranistani people were once more widespread, so this could well be. Maybe the Iranistani are remnants of the Grondar... the Iranistani were pushed south and north by the Shemites, who moved in east when the Stygians invaded (and west, those tribes being the folk that helped found Zingara)... but that all is neither here nor there...