Using MRQ for gaming in Glorantha's 3rd Age


Hello! Just picked up the core MRQ rules. Very happy to see RQ back in print!

Being an RQ2 Grognard, I'm strongly considering working to convert RQ2/3 materials into MRQ. Mostly, it seems that the cults and sources that would need the most conversion would be things concerning the Lunar Empire and various Lunar cults.

Does anyone have any plans to use MRQ for 3rd Age gaming, during the Hero Wars?


I'm toying with the idea, mainly 'cos I'm lazy and have so much of the stuff, I shouldn't think it'll be too difficult, the main issue will the difference in magic availability.
Here is some info from someone who is trying to convert RQ3 to MQ.
Buried in n the Roolipelaagia thread sarahnewton said:
Needless to say [converting RQ2 to RQ3] is tiny in comparison to the MRQ conversion.

It won't surprise you to hear me say it hasn't gone too well. The Battle Magic / Spirit Magic conversion is rather bewildering with the Runic integrations - especially those which don't seem to gel with the Rune-levels' runic associations, and their ability to do damage is massively reduced. The PCs per-location HP have gone up, but the average opponent's ability to damage them has gone down - although this might sound like a good thing to a player, it leaves me with a weird vibe, as though combat is now going to be a much more drawn-out process. One of the characters wears iron plate - with a few points of Shield and a 1H Sword Skill of 176% he is practically invulnerable, even to equally powered characters (Bypass Armour doesn't really help here, not when you can just Parry the blow). Naturally the 100%+ skills are rendered much less effective (and are actually worse off in their opposed use). Some of the skills being merged is quite iffy - "Perception" is the pet peeve right now, subsuming Scan, Search, Listen, Taste, Touch.

I'm going to test-run these guys in some combats and see how it plays out. My gut feeling from seeing the numbers is that we're just going to be waiting for the 96-00 rolls on Parry coinciding with a successful Bypass Armour attack. Obviously Critical Hits will no longer be effective.
To be honest from what I heard it would be easier and much less hassle to convert some of the better ideas in MRP to RQ3 and leave it at that and the surface they look similar but beyond skin deep they seem to be like a mouse and a hippo, same family, totally different animals.

I know this is not very helpful if you have your heart set on it, but what can you do. [hold hands up in exasperated/defeated fashion]
For a 3rd age Glorantha game I would give everyone runecasting as a basic skill, and only have the one skill to use any of the MRQ rune spells.

I'd also use rune integration powers and legendary abilities as rewards for completing hero quests, or granted via divine intervention, gift and geas - that sort of thing.