Active PBEM 3rg Age MRQ game in Dragon Pass near Alda-Chur

Hello All, We are taking on one or two players again.

We want to let you know that our MRQ PBEM 3rd Age Glorantha Campaign running on google groups is going strong after 6 months. We a currently fighting a battle in Snakepipe Hollow in the hopes of bringing back chattels that will save our settlement from persecution at the hands of the Alda-Churi.

We have developed a very comprehensive and deep background together as a group. The campaign is run in two separate groups. One is a standard game utilizing younger members of our settlement around 16 years old and just about to become initiates if they survive this battle.
The other game is about the children of the settlement. Both groups have several active players but we are looking for one or two active pbemers.

Shamanism and Theism as well as an unusual brand of mysticism play a large role. Our game is a hybrid of almost every version of RQ including MRQ2. 90% of the mechanics happen behind the scenes anyway, so even if you are an HQ player you will feel right at home. Just play your character. In particular we have worked to expand the role of Ernaldi players to make them more viable and dynamic without having to resort to either Vinga or one of the Gors.

The group is at:

Drop me a line about your interest and join the group.

Most of our information is in a Wiki open to just the players but basic info and the game threads are available at the group for lurkers.

You can reach me at:


Chris Graves
As part of the party, I can attest to how much fun we've been having with this one! Chris is a great GM and we've very rapidly developed quite a story and feel. I'm loving it.