Urgent: Magic Attack Bonus requirement for spells


Does the MAB requirement for spells refer to the scholar's total modified MAB, or his base MAB?

Edit: Nevermind. I note that the magical attack roll is 1d20 + MAB + Cha bonus. Hence, there is no such thing as a "total modified MAB", and MAB requirements refer to the values listed in the MAB column of the class tables.
That is correct, the MAB refers to the base bonus.
It's a level thing, in other words, with other classes partially counting to that MAB pre-requisite.
That MAB -requirement for certain spells has caused some troubles for me... I was creating a major enemy for my campaign: a sorcerer of a Black Ring. I used the Core Book's table for recommended spells for a Black Ring Sorcerer, and noticed that some of the spells he was supposed to learn got higher MAB -requirement it is possible to get at that level.