Unarmed Strike


In 1st edition, Unarmed Strike did 1d4 damage on the weapon table on page 134, but did 1d3 damage normally according to the Brawl feat description on page 112 and 1d3 damage according the combat section on page 166.

In the FAQ, page 134 and page 166 references are noted, and it says the correct amount of damage for Unarmed Strike is 1d4.

However, in the Atlantean edition, Unarmed Strike is listed as 1d3 damage normally under the Brawl feat on page 106, 1d3 damage on the weapon table on page 125, and 1d3 damage in the combat description on page 156.

Therefore, since all references in the Atlantean edition say 1d3 damage for Unarmed Strike, I suspect that is the correct damage. Plus, I prefer the damage to be a bit lower than dagger damage (yes, I know it is subdual versus lethal, but still...). However, that nagging reference of 1d4 damage in the FAQ is annoying. Anybody have any reason to think the damage is 1d4 rather than 1d3?
Damage from SRD to Conan was generally upped, right?
I'd go with 1d4 nonlethal (or 1d6 lethal/non-lethal with Brawl feat)

ref: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/equipment/weapons.htm
Yeah, but Mongoose knew there were damage errors in the 1st edition, yet in the Atlantean edition, clearly favored going for the 1d3 by changing the 1d4 reference to 1d3...
Yeah. 1d3. Atlantean trumps the first version of the rules and any errata form them.