Ultimate arcane spellbook mistake!!!! (kinda big one)



Hi, I've just bought the ultimate arcane spellbook, and I've allready found a mistake you should know off.

On page 173 the spell "Raise City" is overlapped by a picture, which renders most of its description unreadable. Also a piece of the spell following on Raise city is partially lost.

Can I please have the rest of the Raise city's description, and the following spell?

Thanks in advance.
this one has already been addressed . . . look deeper into the forum you will see the information, as well as a link to the faq.

Okay, first let me welcome a Guest 1 to the forums! Enjoy your stay. Let me just say to Guest 2 that you might want to be a little more helpful and a bit less snippy. . . Maybe something like:

Hi, hope you enjoy the Ultimate Spellbook as much as me. I too saw the mistake you mention and found that answer in the Rulemasters section of the forums.

Then you could have went on to inform Guest 1 that Mongoose compiled a FAQ. Which addresses several other issues in the book, even the one mentioned! The faq can be found here:


Or here is a quick link to the PDF:


Just some words of advice, its free, do with it what you will . . .
hehe, thanks :D, only just bought the book...
Thanks for the forum link. I've also found the web enhancement, in which the spell displays correct also.
Maybe it was a bit fast posting this :oops:
I'm certainly going to enjoy the book and thanks for the help