Two pistols?


So, there's a rule in the skills section for doing two things at once: -1 DM to both actions, roll an extra die, the lowest die is timing.

Would that rule apply to shooting two guns at once? Is there a reason it shouldn't?

Just... if it does, that probably deserves at least a sidebar/text-box in the combat page.

(Similarly: cutlass-and-pistol combinations)
I imagine that would depend on how realistic you want things to be. For a cinematic game, just use the "two things at once" rule as is.

For a more realistic game, have the player expend all his ammunition, describe how loud it sounded, and proceed to the next player, without anyone getting hit :)
I imagine that, in combat, you can only act when your initiative gets to 6.

It's then up to the player to decide whether he's using his pistol or blade. If you take this to be true then the only advantage to carrying two pistols is that you take longer to run out of ammo.

I thought about this a bit more. Unless there's a stylistic reason you DON'T want two pistol blazing gunfights, using 2 pistols is mechanically equivalent to using one auto 2 gun, except the DM goes up by 1.

Now, firing 2 auto 3 pistols... I don't know how to differentiate between firing one on burst fire and one on single shot and firing both on burst. Giving someone an auto 6 gun for a +1 DM seems a bit much to me.

So an appropriate ruling might be +1DM per 2 dice rolled? (So - 2 single shot pistols: 3 Dice, +1 DM. 1 single shot, 1 auto 3:4 Dice, +2 DM. 2 auto 3 pistols: 6 dice, +3 DM).
I don't know if anyone else has tried using two pistols at once but I have. Even on the range it is next to impossible to hit the side of a barn at ranges more than 5 metres.

I'm sure it looks cinematically great fun and would be a nice piece of game action but there should definitely be a large penalty for using two weapons at once, larger for non matching weapons.
IMO - Firing two guns at once is inefficient, but rather cinematic. Depending on your campaign, you may be happy allowing players to waste ammo.I totally agree with using the multiple action penalty. Sounds good. However, both guns should also use the same fire rate/mode. (single, burst, auto.) Trying to fire single shot with one hand, and auto with the other would be much harder than just shooting both. Actually, both guns should probably be the same, or at least similar enough to not matter.Additionally, I'd limit it to both guns to the same target. Want to know why? Here's an experiment for you to try. Have two friends, two flashlights, and a dark room. Now, have your friends move around while you try to keep both flashlights beaming on their chests. (Or faces if you think you can get away with it.)  Really freaking tough, isn't it. (But it can be fun.)Just my opinions on the subject.