Traveller Adventure Idea


Been hankering after Traveller but really want to run in the T2300 setting.

The idea I've come up with so far is that an expedition has been sent to mining outpost near a remote colony.
The Corporation in charge is seemingly focused on some ruins located within the system, but part of the way there the system sends out a distress call before going silent.
Upon arriving the system consists of 6 worlds and two asteroid belts with the mining outpost located in one of the asteroid belts and the only known inhabitable world being the second orbit and is more of a water world with limited surface land mass.
The only kink is that there are a few inhabitable moons most are located in orbit of one of the gas giants in the system and are the result of the gas giant providing enough warmth and breathable gas to keep them inhabitable.
However despite attempts to communicate there's no response.
Its shortly after they arrive that another ship jumps in system and if hailed reveals they've been sent by the nearest system to deliver supplies to the colony due to a suspected outbreak though she wasn't told what it was only to deliver the supplies, maintain quarantine regulations before heading back out.

The head of the team aboard the PCs ship isn't happy at the newcomer's presence and is quite hostile her actions should be alarming given the current circumstances.

Does this sound doable in T2300 to you?

I'd go into greater detail, but I figured this was enough to see if this would be a suitable start to an adventure in that setting?

Many tahnks in advance!


Been looking at possible sub plots, but those need players to work properly.
Wondering at the variety of possibilities to explain what's going on then tried my hand at character creation.

Came up with a 42 year old Citizen/Worker who hailed from a fishing community run by a Corporation who went to university and took the opportunity to accompany another graduate to their colony where she began working as a dockworker.
Eventually that colony managed to keep itself free of Corporation ownership albeit with some strife as they're willing to play dirty to secure the colony.
The colony is supposed to get recognised by the system defence force meaning they send personnel to take over the running of the spaceport leaving her out of a job.
She takes the opportunity to take time off as she's been working more or less without any time off since arriving so heads into the forested outback where she owns a cabin just to take time off until she focuses on where she intends to go next.
And then everything goes silent, unlike the port and the larger settlements her cabin is largely not technologically advanced at all so all she has is a radio and a hovercraft if she wants to make contact.
Her first clue anything's wrong is when she witnesses a spaceship crash land and there's nothing being transmitted over the radio so she goes to check it out running into the PCs.

Still working on this.