Trading card game for A: 2089


Hi, Team Mongoose.

What do you think about introducing a trading card game in the A: 2089 universe.

My opinion is that the A: 2089 setting has a big making a tcg you will increase your fan community, because they are simple to play and they will not cost 50 $..........

I`m convinced that some of the tcg players will buy the A: 2089 D 20 game too......because they will love this universe (like me).
I still have my MechWarrior Cards around somewhere, Bought a starter pack just to check it out. Then it flopped and no one is around to play. Problem with Trading Cards:

1) People get tired of the same old cards.
2) People hate to buy lots of expansions.

Sort of a no win . . . Thats why the companies got smart and started hooking kids.

Just my .02
I like playing tradingcardgames, i've also played the old mechwarrior-tcg like crazy with some friends, in my opinion it was one of the best tcgames ever created. I also think there would be a lot of people enjoying that type of game - just look at the thousands of players of magic-the gathering ! So a huge potential fanbase could be waiting out there - think about it... (not everybody has time and nerves to learn the rules of D&D and then furthermore to convert that knowledge to arm2089)
Hi, psyclonejack!

I just want to say that I love buying expansions (Mage Knight, Dark Age) and I`ve spent a little sum of money on it....and I`m sure that there are other persons, who think like me.....otherwise Dark Age wouldn`t be such a success.

Besides Mongoose will decide if people get tired of the same old cards or not.....Producing more new cards will increase people`s appetite for more new expansions.

Have a hot night :p
Götterfunke said:
Hi, psyclonejack!

Well Hi right back at ya!

Glad you like buying expansions, as long as you have the means, and as long you enjoy it, congrats and kudos. Let me back up my statement a little. I have several friends, some of which play CCGs. Lets start with the two Magic players. One got into the game late and only has the tail end expansions. The other started when it first came out. Both still play, but neither buy cards anymore because they feel that there are just too many out there and they hate getting dups, or no help cards, not to mention the constant rule changes and additions.

Myself, I simply found that buying a starter and a couple of expansions is all I need. I can play the game and have fun. Sure I may lose to someone who has spent hundreds of dollars on it, but I play to have fun. People don't want to play me because I haven't invested a ton of money in the game. They don't want to play for fun, they want to kick someones butt. I have seen people get way aggressive and violent because of the PASSION they have for the CCG. I don't share the passion and hope I never do, its these over emotional people that drive me away from the game. They play for Blood and kick the table over when they don't win. (Not exactly but close too it)

On the other side of the coin I have a few friends that got into HIGHLANDER, and STAR TREK, as well as one called SUPERS. They enjoyed the cards, but it was a solo venture as they couldn't convice anyone to buy cards and play with them. The last time we played we simply shuffled all his cards together, placed them in the center of the table and drew from the same pile. It was Fun, and interesting.

So yes they can be fun, yes they can be bad. As far as the click system. I didn't get into it, and prolly never will. Mainly because I don't see the point of spending the $$ for plastic, badly machine painted minis. Some friends dumped a bunch of money into it at least over 5-600 dollars. What do they do with them now? They are gathering dust in a tub in the basement. I would rather buy the casts and paint them myself. Where are my mini's? On a display rack on the wall with a spot light on them. Great conversation pieces.

Would I pick up a Starter and a couple of expansion packs. Prolly, if I had someone or somewhere I could play . . .

Well, I will stop rambling now,
how about a card game that has all the card you need to play in one go, could work , you never know.
I'm not really in favour of a CCG either, for the reasons that psyclonejack mentions above. I've played magic before, and it's just a game that's dominated more by those who have lots of disposable income that they can pump into it to get the better cards to win all the time. Yes, I did spend a fair few £s on it, but it was just fun most of the time.

However, a non-ccg card game, something akin to the Munchkin card games is preferable. You don't have the sillyness of trying to keep up with the expansions, both for the new cards and the inevitable new/changed rules. You also don't have to conted with Fred Bloggs and his £456 deck of uber-cheese. You can just sit down with a few friends and play off one set of cards.

Though I think that working on the setting and system for the rpg would be preferable for the near future. Before even thinking about branching out into cards or miniatures.
Hi, everybody!

My intention to post the idea of a CCG was that Mongoose will win a new fan-base by using the A: 2089 universe, but with another game CCG is just one possibility to increase the breadth of the A: 2089 product line.

Besides a big fanbase means more money....and more money means more products for us :p .....!

Have a nice day, thank you for the feedback and nice greetings from Austria/Vienna to all of you.
a NON-CCG like munchkin would rock! . . . I personally own Munchkin and the first expansion, however I prolly will not buy the 3rd. Nor the Space version, nor the Oriental version. I Figure enough is enough. As you can see a company would be tempted to keep adding cards, even if it wasn't a CCG and after a point you cause loss of intrest.

But it could work, they have the art work already, a system is in place and the learning curve would be quite low. Could work.

Götterfunke said:
Hi, everybody!

My intention to post the idea of a CCG was that Mongoose will win a new fan-base by using the A: 2089 universe, but with another game CCG is just one possibility to increase the breadth of the A: 2089 product line.

My personal experience is the CCG players rarely get into Role Playing games. Some RPG players branch into card games but not as heavily.