Tower of the Elephant

toothill man said:
same here but seems to have been moved a month :? hopefully early next month 8)

Hey, it'd have been the 1st CONAN product published as originally scheduled, wouldn't it? :wink:
The cover looks great! It's about as close in style to the old Frazetta covers that I've seen yet for the rpg. It definitely evokes the Conan aura for me.
MadDog said:
TotE is listed in the store. Is it actually available yet ?

Mad Dog

Well, since it says "Add to Cart" and not "Preorder this item" then I'd say they're releasing it. Knowing how long it takes to get to my turf in the New York City area, I expect to see it in two weeks if it's available this week. :eek:
Sweet! I hope to get it this month.

My players have been pestering me all month about it, and I have a brand new player who wants to start gaming just to play Conan. I just love introducing fresh blood to the game!
Has anyone gotten a copy of this yet?
My flgs is still telling me that it is unavailable even though it appears to be available on the online store.