Things you shouldn't do.


Only rule - you must have done it, in character.

As you leave the Ombuds office, after changing from Earth to Mars citizenship. Say" Now I can tell that B------ from Psi Corp to piss off and quit harassing me."

Try out Psychometry on a peice of shadowtech.(Luckily not very active or my character wouldn't be)

The Ranger in the party not telling the captain of the Whitestar that we are on, exactly what his two human companions are( a telepath and a Technomage) and also leaving out a lot of info about the people that we are chasing. [for a long while the game consisted of "Is there anything else you need to tell me?"]

Other things not to do:

Join Security if you're single
Disagree with anything Ivanova says.
Say "Up yours!" to a Vorlon

Myself (the fantastic Marcus Kaide): Try to prevent yourself being sucked out of a shuttle bay along with the atmosphere (when you just accidently triggered the decompression sequence) by grabbing onto a toolbox. As toolboxes aren't fixed to the deck this doesn't help matters.

As a GM: Forget about the lack of gravity in the average small Earth ship. Get reminded about it by a player half way through a fight. Watch the galley turn into 3d pinball with an alien alligator as the ball and the players as the flippers.

A player in my campaign: Try to steal a telephone company van in an effort to recreate part of the remake of The Italian Job by trying to chat up the (lady) driver with the line:

Hi! I'm Canadian! Can you direct me to the nearest bar?

... fail utterly ... and then try to pull the other female driver in the area who (a) just watched you fail to pull her friend, and (b) is clearly wearing a wedding ring.

A different player in the same campaign: Arrive on an alien planet. Hire a ground vehicle. Drive past the warehouse you are supposed to be investigating. Announce that you are "Sticking your head out of the window to get a closer look". Fail your drive roll. Manage to avoid having your head knocked off by a passing lorry, but lost control of the vehicle and crash through the doors of the warehouse you were investigating ... "investigating without drawing attention to yourself".
Turn up at Customs, haveAccidental scan go off and pick up"Oh god, Rangers, there's going to be trouble" from the Customs guard. Pat him on the shoulder and say" Don't worry, the rest have left already." Forgetting that you are an unregistered telepath and that he didn't say it out loud. As it was my ID card set up an alert anyway.
One of my players, stooging as Bester in a scenario I ran at a con, decided he wanted the easisest way to find out what the well dressed guy with the pendant was up to trailing the Vorlon ambassador around down below, would be to do a surface scan. Not having picked up on the multitude of clues that this was indeed Mr Morden...

When he started doing the entire "falling into a deep dark hole" thing, his Psi Cop side kick decided the best thing would be to do a surface scan of Bester to see what he was seeing...

Not B5 (Paranoia) but said player, who was the above sidekick's last words at one point were (completely innocently) "Of course I'm not a Communist comrade Compter".
frobisher said:
Not B5 (Paranoia) but said player, who was the above sidekick's last words at one point were (completely innocently) "Of course I'm not a Communist comrade Compter".

I had a similar thing happen, one of the shop staff was a TS in PXP and instead of saying friend computer, said Comrade Computer. The players just shot him :twisted:

Ahh.. Good to know I'm not the only one whose brain and mouth are not always connected.

Practicing Locate Mind on a Whitestar(no that wasn't the target) got a 20 & headed towards target. Reaimed when closer, rolled 1, yelled Gotcha as came round corner and scared a religious caste Minbari, who didn't speak english. Repeat within the next couple of minutes.(Ok so my rolls where really weird on saturday)

Get lost and frustrated, trying to locate the bridge. Say grab the next person and harrass them, guess who I got. Got to the shuttle bay and found someone. Finally remembered I had a communicator, asked how to say "which way to the bridge" in minbari. (Try it with a bad irish accent.) Hand over communicator to the now confused looking minbari. He finds out what she actually meant to say, and points directions. Thankfully, she never asked Sundog what she'd actually said.
Things not to do as a Tehnomage (1):

Sit in the mess hall for several hours of a White Star, before noticing some techs are following power fluctuations, and then walking briskly to the bridge to ask the ranger compatriot to stop the techs from following you... :)
Things not to do as a Tehnomage (2):

Informing your party mates that your Pinnace's cover name is "The Insouciant", and when you describe what it means, one of the party responds, "So your ships Irish?", do not respond with "AYE, To be sure!" (Bad Irish Accent). Especially when the two PC's characters standing in front of you are Irish...
And it turns out that Insoucient means unconcerned not rowdy, rebellious and independent as you thought. Great! you've named you ship "No worries."

Things not to do as a Technomage (3) - have you ship in stealth mode following the Whitestar and not warn the two party members who are outside investigating things where it is. So that when one spins out of control, they crash into the side of it.
Things not to do as a Tehnomage (4):

Don't use your stealthed craft as a device to move debris around in space...
Barbara said:
And it turns out that Insoucient means unconcerned not rowdy, rebellious and independent as you thought. Great! you've named you ship "No worries."

Correct. I mixed it up with 'Insurgent' in my mind.

But I actually like "The Insouciant" better than "The Insurgent".

I could have given the GM a real hedache and named it "El Despreocupado".
Only if you want to be the main target. On second thoughts, go for it. That'll get me off the hook,well partially.
Things not to do: attempt to ride herd on this madhouse...

1 Technomage
1 P12 Blip
1 Psycho-Ranger

Did I volunteer for this? Noooooo....
One of my players decided his character would disguise herself as a Centauri, then goes into a NARN drinking establishment. O.k. More like a hole. Needless to say, a brawl insues.
OOPS! Forgot. The female Techno-mage asking for permission to meet Kosh. When asked "Why?" "So I can learn more about the Tech and how to get more!"
Well actually Sundog, you did volunteer for this, remember, you were told that it was a Ranger campaign and you designed a Ranger.
I object to the description, he is not a psycho- ranger. He has only made one subtle verbal threat and that was to the Ranger captain. You just have the misfortune to get a warrior caste minbari with a sense of humour. (Who is wondering how this job is supposed to bring him honour.)

Xquel- Maybe you should explain to the Technomage player exactly what sort of tech they have. or did you after the incident with Kosh.