The Traveller Utility Pack Has Arrived!


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The Traveller Utility Pack, containing two handy tearaway pads for Character Sheets and Subsector Maps is now here!

You can pick up your own pack right here:

North American Travellers have their own page right here:


Keep your game looking crisp with two 50-sheet pads of full colour character sheets and subsector maps. Each character sheet can be folded into 4-page booklet that keeps your most pertinent details front and centre while also forming a handy pocket for adventure handouts. The blank subsector maps allow you to explore the unfathomable depths of uncharted space, creating your own unique universe as you go.


Banded Mongoose
Hi! Can we see a picture of the new character sheet all folded up? I'm having trouble visualizing it in my head. Also, are these A4 or letter sized and does it matter for the folding if it is printed on the other size paper?



Banded Mongoose
Would really love it if the PDF included a form fillable character sheet. Some days, I can't read my own handwriting.


Banded Mongoose
My players have downloaded are are attempting to use the 2300AD form fillable character sheet in the Downloads section. However, the sheet is nearly unusable as the font sizes are all over the place. Many of the fonts for the skills section are so large that they cannot be read because they are overfilling the allowable input space. In other skills, the font is correct.