I remember myself as an inocent youth all eager and excited. I got special PROMO tickets to go see the NEW dungeons and dragons movie in Vancouver at a special screening with prizes and much nerdy talk. Wahoo!

The horror....

A room full of Dungeon Masters and dedicated players and we all knew. We all knew that no one gives lip to a red dragon. We all knew that no one gets past a beholder. And we all knew that the bard dies. It was like being trapped in a room with a 4 year old dungeon master for two hours.
My councelor said I shouldn't bring it up again but I must. He was given a holy avenger and it didn't glow because he wasn't a paladin yet but he was going to be. Choke. Okay that's over.
However, we could all agree that the rug was pretty darned cool. And then there was a rather profane coment about what would happen to player who arrived at a gaming table professing to own one of those @@#@#$@!!@$@#$@ @#$@$% dragon rods which were later printed up in a d20 manual.

Such painful memories. The councelling. The crying and outpouring of feelings. The many thanks to Peter Jackson who made it all better by producing a movie we could all be proud of. Twelve straight hours of Lord of the Rings ought to flush the memories right out (except for my personal grumble about Gimly Fighter 10 taking a backseat to Legolas Ranger 30).

What were we talking about again? Shrug

Hmm Thinking about Lotr's.... (Forgive the "spleling")
Arragorn Sword-Ranger 20
GimlyFighter 10
Legolas Bow-Ranger 30
Frodo Commoner 1, Fighter 2
Sam Commoner 1, Fighter 5
Gandalf (movie version), Fighter 5, Sorcerer 10, Rogue 5
Boramere Fighter 20
The Old Man with One Eye Ranger 10

...did you ever notice how useless armor was in LOTR? It never stopped a darned thing. Not even that oruk-hai armor they talked about so much. It was almost just like d20 after 10th level....


Hyena said:
Unless you were talking about Hobbit porn of course. In this case, I'd say I'd like to see the Monty Python's take on LOTR too...

I take it that you have not seen the film, "Lord of the G-String"?
And yes, there really is a film out with that title.