Studio Hamburg's international production arm WorldWide Pictures (WWP) is partnering with Joel Silver's Silver Pictures on the sequel to "Dungeons and Dragons" and with Keystone Entertainment on family drama "Chestnut: Hero of Central Park."

Warner Bros. has picked up "Dungeons and Dragons 2" for distribution

Stateside and in selected international territories. Gerry Lively is helming the pic, which is to be shot in Europe this year.

Launched in 2001, WWP utilizes a private investment fund to back English-lingo projects budgeted at between $5 and $20 million that already have a foreign sales company and a U.S. distributor attached in addition to a bankable minimum revenue guarantee."
Words fail me...

The first one was so bad, that I couldn't even watch more than the first five minutes or so.

It sucked giant, rancid, sweaty, festering, crusty monkey ass.
I can't really blame them for greenlighting a sequel - considering that Fantasy is the "hot property" right now. I'm glad to hear that Courtney Solomon isn't helming the pic, and I'm hoping that the Gerry Lively guy knows D&D. Hell, even if he doesn't, the franchise can only go up after the last film.
For it to be good, it would probably have to be R-rated. Like the original CONAN THE BARBARIAN! :twisted:
I used to think that way. Then I saw the Lord of the Rings movies.
:cry: It is as many have already prophetized : the success of the LOTR trilogy has doomed us to years of lame-ass fantasy and pseudo-historical ancients/medieval movies. Everybody who's seen Bradd Pitt running around in hoplite costume know what I mean. :evil:
Arkobla Conn said:
Does that mean you've seen Troy and didn't like it?

No that means I've seen a trailer and photos featuring Brad Pitt with his hoplite armor and I found them utterly ridiculous.

I've got no opinion on the movie yet, but my hopes are not high.
Yuan-Ti said:
They were okay... would have been better with gore and titties. :wink:

Mmm... Liv Tyler's titties... For this happy thought, and only for that, I'll forgive your crime of demanding titties and gore in LOTR.

Unless you were talking about Hobbit porn of course. In this case, I'd say I'd like to see the Monty Python's take on LOTR too...
Darth Mikey said:
There's a "Little Red Riding Hood" joke in there somewhere, but I'm not going to go there...
*Realize he hasn't seen Ghostwolf for a while*
*Pick up gatling tranq gun*
Better be there before this hunter guy....