The Athena Strain - Out This Week!

Is this going to fit into any sort of 'continuity stream' along with your two other adventure collections or is this more of its own stand alone thing?
From the description and the comments from the author, I gather it's more a stand-alone adventure, although it's built to be easily integrated in any ongoing campaign.
...I got it yesterday, and read through it.

It's a nice adventure, ideally suited as "get-together" for the PC's (unless one is playing a Narn - that player would be annoyed...), and built up in a rather flexible structure that allows the GM to customize the events to his hearts desire (hint - doing all the possible things would become a bit ridicolous... reminds me of those kung-fu movies where the hero can't even get a bowl of soup from the inn next dor without going through three fights... :wink: ).

I do hope we'll soon get downloads for the handouts and the ship plan (esier to use if you can print it)

Now all I need to be happy is a miniature of the Athena... :wink: :p :D