The Armageddon Book is in!

I've just been entering data for my ship viewer. Most of the Hyperion variants in Armageddon have incorrectly named weapons.......
Yeah, there's like 3 more copies left at the Plus.

Actually, I noticed something when I browsed the FAQ section quickly. Did we have a reversal of the ruling on the order of operations on Crippling and Speed Loss to Crits? As I understood it, if you had a Speed 10 ship, -2 speed crit, and were crippled, you were Speed 4, not Speed 3. The Armageddon FAQ seems to change this.

For my Dilgar, this is a big deal!

Consider what the -4 speed crit means to speed 8 or less crippled ships -- Mass Driver fire! Speed 4 Raiders are off even worse. Are we sure about this!?
I was going to start a thread in RulesMasters for Armageddon clarifications, but DaveSaint already started one so I tagged the questions on to his thread, I hope he doesn't mind