Tell Me About YOUR Conan Campaign


I noted that the Mongooses (Mongeese?) mentioned playing their own game, presumably for testing purposes in part. I also see that some lucky bastards have already gotten their own campaigns rolling with the main book. I'm curious, though, if any of you can give some specifics about what kind of game you're running (or ran). Was it about Hyborian mercs caught up in war after war? Or are the PCs freebooters and cutthroat thieves seeking a lost artifact? How'd you make it feel different and appropriately pulpy aside from using the rules?

Specifics of how it played and where you got your inspiration (Howard or otherwise) would be appreciated.
Our first game session is schedule for next Thursday. I run a game with four players. They haven't made their characters yet, but I know at least one of them wants to run a Cimmerian barbarian (hard to resist, I guess). All of us are REH fans through and through.

I'm looking to start the PCs at 1st level and (Gasp!) already chained and shackled in a slave caravan heading for Zamboula. In the first session, I'll have the caravan attacked by zuagir raiders. The zuagirs will free the PCs and spare their lives if they promise to perform a task for their chieftain. The zuagir chief's son has gone missing in Zamboula, and he wants the PCs to find him. This will involve the cannibal cultists of Yog, a coven of Set worshipping sorcerers, and the intrigues of a decadent and depraved Turanian noble family.

Can't wait! :twisted:
That sounds pretty good,I intend to have Zuagirs and Kozaki making an appearance as well in my campaign which I have tentatively called The Veil of Ashtoreth.
It involves a hidden valley sacred to Ishtar where Ashtoreth taught the rudiments of agriculture and civilization to some post cataclysm primitives.
This sacred valley is hidden from prying eyes by illusory magic of some sort(I will work out the details when I get my rulebook-tomorrow hopefully).
Only the inner circle of the priesthood of Ishtar know of its existence and how to find it as well as how to pass the guardians of the valley.
The PC'S save a beautiful priestess of Ishtar from the unwelcome attentions of some Zuagirs and are drawn into a quest to find this valley.
The valley, hidden for millenia, still has a thriving population apparently of early Shemitish stock dwelling in peaceful isolation and totally ignorant of the ways of warfare.
Of course,all is not as it seems.Within the valley lies a temple of Ishtar and a great jewel which pulses with unearthly power,The Heart of Ashtoreth.
This jewel has maintained the valley in its rich fertility ever since Ashtoreth returned to her place at the feet of Ishtar. The population are in fact the same people who dwelt there at that time,given immortal lives but denied procreation by the power of the jewel.
The priestess is in fact a femme fatale style rogue who seduced the High Priest of Ishtar in Khauran,discovered the secret and intends to steal the jewel for herself.
The problem is that she needs the PC'S to get her past any guardians that wait beyond the veil.
Also,she is being tracked by her former lover and his band of Kozaki raiders.
Set in the foothills of the south eastern Kezankians the hillmen will also be making an appearance as well as possibly the Turanian army.
Will the PC's realize that the priestess is false? Will they care?It should hopefully end up in a multi sided mess as the Veil of Ashtoreth is dispelled and others follow them into the sacred valley.If they steal the jewel who will they side with when the curse of Unlife falls on the peaceful population transforming them into blood craving ghouls?
my main group are still playing the horned god campain for slaine but have a mate at work who wants too have a few solo adventures which is fine by me as the best way too get the rules right is too play till they become second nature. getting my book I hope tommorrow then have a weeks holiday too come up with a few ideas
My latest campaign was started in NW Brythunia and centered around the awakening of ancient races of the Graaskal region by Hyperborean raiders. The PC's dealt with the fall-out by resurrecting the worship of Targol, the ancient Brythunian god from one of the Moore pastiches. The book made for an excellent adventure series. We went from Brythunia to the Kozaki steppes, to Tauran, into the Vilayet, through Zamora (and the Tower of the Elephant), into Corinthia, to the Gladiator Pits of Belverus and then back into Brythunia to finish.

The previous several campaigns that I've run in Hyboria have been in Asgard, Vilayet, and Pictland.

I'm hoping to run my next campaign in Shem and Stygia using Necropolis.