Telepath class level 1 : still in training ?


Hello, I read Psi Corps and something still strike me : basic training in the psi corps includes 5 things :

- learn to interpret telepathic data
- control of your power (not scanning random thoughts etc.)
- communication : sending thoughts
- construction of mental block
- probe (link for a scan)

So I thing that either a level one telepath should have more starting abilities (like communication, surface scan, deep scan, depending on P-Level) or that a level 1 telepath is still in training (and that is for humans Psi Corps Telepath)

What do you think ?
Level 1 is having finished at the Minor Academy (high school).

The studies are basically:
1)- learn to interpret telepathic data - sense telepathy and seperating it from your normal senses.
2)- control of your power (not scanning random thoughts etc.) - learning the law/rules - all over clothing, gloves, no physical contact, avoiding emotional places/events. Learning to block out random thoughts.
3)- communication : sending thoughts - learning Warning
4)- construction of mental block - learning Mind Shield
5)- probe (link for a scan) - the proper way of doing a scan to avoid harming the person (any more than necessary)

The Major Academy (college/university) is where they learn the extra skills and abilities to do with jobs.

Book 2 of the Psi corp series gives some explanation.
True. To be honest a level 1 teep really has just qualified from high school telepathy wise. Certainly any commercial telepath should be at least level 4 (surface scan and deep scan) and talia had to be at least level 6 in series 1 (also had pain if i remember correctly). This is where 2ed should be an improvement on first, the fact that every telepath with a decent enough p rating can read minds right from level 1. Mind you even a level 1 character is going to be able to resist a low level telepaths scans over 50% of the time (level 3 p5 with +2 cha)