Can you tell me when (date wise) the Technomage book should be in stores?

Well since I have my ordered through and I also have a car payment this week an wont have any money till next Friday. I wont be surprised if it comes out before thenext friday when I have money again. :lol:
On Mongoose's home page subscribe to their Yahoo group and keep an eye on the Mongoose General Discussion list.

They have been announcing when their products become available.

So far no announcemets.

My money is that I'll see it in my local game store on about 22 April.

But, everybody knows I'm an optimist. :D

Back on 8 Apr, Matthew posted that it would be out in two weeks

Add 14 days to that and you get 22 April. If it's shipped then, we should see it in stores the last week in April or the first week in May.


Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2004 8:45 am

You will only have to wait a couple of weeks for Techn-Mages. Narn
will be hot after that. . .
Matthew Sprange
Mongoose Publishing
Got mine yesterday, and it is awesome! If you haven't read the Techno-Mage trilogy it may be a bit much for you, but man its everything I could have hoped for and more.
ok why am i scared now that rook has the Technomage book... :wink: I plan on ordering it for myself... in the next week or so.... and the Technomage Trillogy was the best of the B5 Trillogies....
The Book is awesome, it was awesome when we playtested it and its even better now :) and there are some great stills of the Pinnaces.. However I did wonder one thing. Where are the pictures of Galen? Almost all the pictures of technomages throughout the book are Elric, not one picture of Galen at all. this seemed a little odd considering Galen is effectively the most associated image we have in mind when we think of a Technomage.

Are his images being saved for some future Crusade related sourcebook?
I was wondering the same thing myself, but thought it had to do with the rights for Crusade. Maybe Mongoose cannot use any images from that show or A Call To Arms yet (or maybe even any of the movies). Or maybe they couldn't get the images due to the images being too difficult to obtain, likely because they aren't out on DVD yet.

I noticed that all the pictures are from a Geometry of Shadows. (BTW, why couldn't we get the Taratimude and Kaitay illustrated - it is most frustrating.)

Then I saw the various pictures of the pinnace and that most definitely was not on A Geometry of Shadows. So where did these pics come from if not from Crusade and A Call To Arms? And if it did come from those shows, then why not a picture of Galen or Alwyn or of some of their spells in action? That dragon peeking it's eye into that ship was cool! 8)
Incidently, I like that the class requires ability qualifications and that a technomage cannot have anything to do with telepathy. It fits the books and shows that they are an elite order in that they won't just take anyone. The notes on the races are a good addition (I like that a minbari can be one, if rare, though never from the warrior caste). I like the acknowledgement of certain races for a predeliction for chaos or that only vertebrates can be one.

But one of the best things about the class, in addition to the no telepath thing, is that a multiclass technomage cannot have more combined levels in any other classes than technomage. If the forthcoming ranger class has the same requirement, which I think it will, then this will prevent not only telepathic technomages and rangers (because the ranger prestige class encourages a restriction on telepathy as well), but ranger technomages, which is a good thing; all three should be separate classes IMHO, though I suppose a latent telepath ranger would be okay (But then we won't see that class for a while yet).
I just got it today and reading it I saw under class Features spells the mage gets a number of spells equal to 5 + his Intelligence bonus. But under the chart it says 5 + 1d4 + Int bonus. So which is right?
I just finished my first read of it and Great Job!

I'll need to look at it more closely to see how it plays.

ok why am i scared now that rook has the Technomage book... :wink: I plan on ordering it for myself... in the next week or so.... and the Technomage Trillogy was the best of the B5 Trillogies....

Look for a new NPC (possible PC if things work out) to be joing your crew in the near future (after the current episode plays out).

And yes you should be scared.