Hi there. Does anyone have a good Howard (or other Conan writer) quote about the Tauran, in Aquilonia? Or know where I can find one?


Thanks. Yeah, Tauran is a rough one, honestly. One of my players wants to come from there, and be a borderer, but I'm failing to see how it actually is a border province. Based which map you use, it is either on the northern border vs. Cimmeria, or back a bit, and near no border, but further south.

I feel that the Westermarch is more along the lines of what he is looking to have for a starting point, anyway, and since you can take the Borderer for a favored class as an Aquilonian, I'm going to go ahead and assign him to there. Plus, there's a lot more information, and some interesting background material WRT Picts.

My understanding is that the Westermark is a recent Aquilonian expansion and that Turan and the Bossonian Marches represent the historical border. So there is a long tradition of boderers in Turan with many of them now chasing the frontier into the Westermark.

Hope that helps.