TAS [Moon Toad Publishing] Hiver Explorer Type HX


Cosmic Mongoose
Released just before Christmas, compatible with Mongoose 2e Traveller

The Hiver Explorer, Type HX, is an individual utility ship designed for
general transportation inside the Hive Federation, but is also commonly
seen for exploration beyond it borders. It is streamlined for atmospheric

It has a 200 dton hull, with a jump-3 drive, a 3G manoeuvre drive, and
normally carries 78 tons of fuel (primarily on the upper deck). There are
ten staterooms and no low berths. The ship has one hardpoint, but
mounts no turrets or weaponry. There is one ship's vehicle, a G-Carrier
carried in the hangar/cargo bay.

This guide contains:

  • Ship art including 9 pages of poster art.
  • Ship statistics.
  • 11 pages of deck plans (empty and cluttered).
  • Details of the Hiver HTX G-Carrier.
  • Crew manifest and 5-view drawing.
  • Random ship location chart.