Stat Bloc problems


I've noticed a couple mistakes in the stat blocs, as follows:

Should be a first level warrior (by the description of 1HD Humanoids), but does not have a Weapon of Choice or BCS bonus. Adjusted CS for Warrior class should thus be +6. (If Giaks are not meant to be 1st level Warriors, CS is correct.)

+1 to damage should be +4 Strength and +1 Weapon of Choice for +5 total. (If Giaks are not meant to be 1st level Warriors, damage should be +4 for Strength only).

Listed with Scale Mail Armour; based on the AC bonuses listed and the limit of +2 Dex given to Archers, it appears that they are in fact equipped with Chainmail.

Damage bonus with spear should be +5 (+4 Str, +1 Weapon of Choice).

Edit: Drakkarim damage bonus is only incorrect for melee (where 1.5x Str applies).
On a somewhat related note, I'm not sure if this is a mistake or not:

The Drakkar Captain is a sixth level warrior, with a listed CR of 4.

Is this an error, or have you folk at Mongoose balanced CRs in a fashion other than the default d20 method? If the latter is the case, would it be possible to get a rundown on how (and why) you decided to apply CR mods when monsters take character levels?
It's not a typo.

With the Darklands book coming out and knowing that Drakkarim were going to get a serious facelift, I set him at CR 4 (which is what he playtested out to be, roughly).

PLEASE keep in mind that the entire CR system is a process of guesswork in the first place. With that in mind, I adjusted things greatly in some places.