Starship weapon damage question :)



Just gots me a little clarifying to do....

When weapon damage is listed in the stat block, is that damage per weapon or for the whole of the wepons listed.
That sounds confusing so I'll list my 2 examples :)

(1)In the Earth Alliance Fact Book, page 119 under the Epslion model of the Hyperion Cruiser it has Twin Linked Heavy Pulse Cannon doing 20+3D10, now is that for each of the twin linked weapons or is that the combined damage for both weapons?

(2)In the Legue of Non-Aligned Worlds Fact Book, page 83 under the Avioki Cruiser it has Four Graviton Beams, Base Damage 40+4D10 does this mean that each wepon does 40+4D10?

Here is my take, I'm just wanting to be certain.
If linked then the damage is for all the linked weapons combined into one attack & if the weapons are not linked as in example #2, then the damage is per weapon.

Am I on the right track here?

I think some things did get a bit muddy in the EA Factbook, I remember when it first came out I asked the writer much the same question about twin-linked weapons and he said he might have got confused!

The general rule is that the damage for a twin-linked weapon (providing it hits of course) is twice what is listed.
E.g. Twin-linked Heavy Laser does 8d10 x2.

Well that's my opinion anyway, I hope if someone else knows better they will let us know!

Generally, I know when I write starship stats, that the damage is for a single weapon. This is mostly for comparison's sake from ship to ship, and in case a campaign firefight results in one part of a twin-link being damaged, or something similar.

So, unless corrected elsewhere, each set of dice is for each weapon involved.

Which is why the Avioki is far more scary than some would think.