Starfury weapons too weak?

Greg Smith

psyclonejack said:
The 1 point regardless of DR is a standard D20 Rule found in the Monster Manual when addressing DR. Since I found no rule countering this in the B5 factbook, I figure it applied.


But the B5 rules only require the PHB, so does it apply?

I agree that it works in terms of what we see on scree, ie fighters damaging larger ships.

It would be nice to get a clarification on this from the Mongoose folks, since it is pretty important to know for character combat (where hit points are sparse).


It makes good sense to use the always take 1hp. If you fire a handgun at a someone with a bulletproof vest. They are going to get knocked back (if not down) and take 1 hp in bruise damage (if not more) Though I haven't felt this pain first hand, from a friend who survived a shooting, he had some good size bruises, and according to him IT HURT.

And I understand the arguement of a BB gun fired at a tank isn't going to do 1 point of damage. But we are not talking BB guns. We are talking High Energy Weapons designed to hurt things.

Tegman said:
Can fighters target specific areas on ships? Where have you read this?

Though I have not read a rule, my players have agreed on a house rule. If you perform a successfull targeting run on a large ship, have a good knowledge of said ship (or sensor roll DC:25), you may target a system/location on the ship. (IE: Score an automatic critical hit to desired location/system)

One other house rule to make things 'work' is that a pilot may attempt a target lock on the target ship as a free action. Otherwise, the pilot would never get a chance to fire.



I have a couple more starfighter questions I thought I would tack on to this thread.
1) In the Season 4 DVDs I have, the Aurora is always shown single-firing dual bolts from it's forward cannons. Where do the smaller light rapid fire cannons listed in the core book stats come from? Are they shown being used in the show in another season?
2) The Thunderbolt's fire is almost always shown as a rapid release of three individual bolts. This is more obvious in the later battles of the season, where they consistently fire three bolts at a time, while the Coriana battle shows a more continuous type fire. In any case, it strongly raises my suspicion that there is supposed to be some special rule for gatling cannon fire. Should they be made rapid fire? I think that Bruce Graw is on these boards. I'd like to hear from him what his intention was with the Thunderbolt weapons. If as Dag stated, he purposely wanted the Thunderbolt to trade overall damage for a stronger punch against large targets, or whether their weapons were intended to be stronger overall? Of course, I can understand that making 4d10 cannons rapid fire would probably be too much, as they would be doing more damage than a Nial with it's three 3d8 guns.
3) Speaking of the Nial, the show portrays it's fire as rotating rapidly between it's three cannons rather than firing all at once. Shouldn't this be represented in the game as rapid fire rather than fire-linking. I think of fire linking as what the Aurora does, firing both cannons simultaneously.
Well, thats all for now. Thanks for your input.