SST:TMG Bug nest & reserves question


For the bug nest and bug central assets: Do units coming in from reserve have to take their first action to move out of the nest/central as if they were below ground? Or are they simply placed on the asset and take their first action from there?
Personally, I think that emerging from the Nest/Bug Central would be considered the first action of a unit's turn. Sort of like a tunnelling marker moving to that entrance - the marker moves, and the unit exits/deploys all in the same action. Of course, given that an emerging unit can deploy up to 3" from the edge of a Nest template, and up to 5" from the edge of a Bug Central template (which is already 6" in diameter), that's almost as good as a regular move.

That said, I'm curious to hear an official ruling. If deploying from the entrance is in fact a "freebie", and the unit can then take two actions from that point, it would have some nasty implications for the MI.
You don't have to take an action to move out of a nest or bughole.... it's free as soon as you arrive at the tunnel.
E.g. if a tanker arrives at a tunnel entrance he can immediately emerge for free he's placed in contact and gets free attacks in PBR. So why would reserves have to pay to leave a hole when other units don't?
I take it that your reserves have arrived at the tunnel entrance at the start of your turn, therefore they can immediately be placed in contact with the marker and take two actions.
The nest/bug central is treated exactly the same way as a friendly board edge, so the bugs arrive and can even use a special movement mode.
(So hoppers can jump straight out of the nest).
It's not that scary, you can only put nests and bug centrals in your own set up areas anyway.
Hoppers making hover attacks straight out of the Nest entrance? Ooohhh, life just got a little less pleasant for the local MI :twisted:
As far as the rules go, reserves 'may enter play from a nest or bug central' It doesn't say they have to do anything differently from any other unit arriving in reserve. After all, MI already get the advantage in reserve... they can all arrive on the jump, not many bugs have special movement modes to get what amounts to a free ready action (i.e. if you arrive in reserve you are allowed to jump without using up an action to ready first).