SST - attached units rules question


Okay, forgive me if this is a silly question, but I can't seem to find it explained clearly anywhere in the rule or army books.

How do neodogs and CHAS and suchlike work? For example, I have a LAMI officer with a Neodog. Does the dog have to move/ready/whatever with the lieutenant, or are both considered independent models? So, if the dog makes a move action, does the officer count as having used his action?

Similarly, in a K9 squad, can the dogs move twice, whilst the squad shoots twice in a turn? What if the dogs are in combat but the men are not? Or could the dog move and ready (say to discover a camouflaged entrance) and then the squad take their two actions?

I gather a CHAS is just part of the unit and must remain within command range, but neodogs seem a bit confusing as they operate at command range x2 and obviously can't make shoot actions.
the chas is never part of a unit as it's a single model unit, not an independant character as such... so it's free todo what it wants.
For the neodog, it's got the same orders as it's owner, so it has to stay in command radius (but doubled for neodogs) and takes the same action, so if he shoots, the dog does nothing (unless it's a MK2)
They are all pretty good, with the 2+ dodge. But the MK 2 can charge into combat and stand a good chance of winning, it may even survive the reaction, then it gets to trenchsweeper. Pretty impressive