SPOILER ALERT.....JD GM's only...scenario idea


Hi folks,
In a mad moment of recounting JD to a painting mate, I had what I thought was a great idea.......

you could run a new chapter in your RPG, ot start a new one, where your judge is pulled into the Wally squad (Undercover Judges).
And they have to capture a group who are robbing banks......called the ex-presidents/ex-Judges....
When you get there, an Old sweat Wally tells you his theory...."the ex.......are sky surfers.........the group within the group.......
Your judge has to mix with the sky surfing culture to find out who they are.......

Wondering what people think....all comments welcome.... :wink:
JD lends itself really well to movie and novel based stories. This one is Point Break (unless I've mixed that film up with another) by the sounds of it and it's a really good idea.

I have run the basic plots from a few movies as Dredd games and they have all worked well - especially Se7ven and, bizarrely, The Freshman. The main plot from Twin Peaks also worked really well (none of my players had ever watched it...)
Hi there,
I did this a while back when I was writing the Skysurfing chapter of Rookies Guide to Crazes to check that the stuff would work with both judges and citizens. Basically had a team of wally squad judges infiltrate a Skysurfing championship tour and follow them from mega-city to mega-city as part of a much larger investigation.

The whole thing went down well and one of the players actually came 3rd in the Supersurf event itself. If I can still find my notes I will dig them out and pass them on.