Spinward Encounters - Index



Patron Encounters

Cronor Subsector Pg.7 - Pg.9

Jewell Subsector Pg.10 - Pg.12

Regina Subsector Pg.13 - Pg. 14

Aramis Subsector Pg.15 - Pg.18

Querion Subsector Pg.19 - Pg.21

Vilis Subsector Pg.22 - Pg.24

Lanth Subsector Pg.25 - Pg.27

Rhylanor Subsector Pg.28 - Pg.30

Darrian Subsector Pg.31 - Pg.33

Sword Worlds Subsector Pg.34 - Pg.37

Lunion Subsector Pg.38 - Pg.40

Mora Subsector Pg.41 - Pg.43

Five Sisters Subsector Pg.44 - Pg.48

District 268 Subsector Pg.49 - Pg.51

Glisten Subsector Pg.52 - Pg.54

Trin’s Veil Subsector Pg.55 - Pg.57


“Bloodwell” Efate/Regina to Dentus/Regina Pg.58 Legal-Investigation

Justice Any to Icetina/Lanth to Equus/Lanth Pg.62 Bounty Hunt

Outback Any to Caledonia/Trin’s Veil Pg.64 Salvage

News Fit To Print Any to Strouden/Lunion Pg.66 Illegal - Legal Investigation

Conspiracy Dallia/District 268 Pg.69 Courier

Emperor’s Birthday Present Vilis/Vilis to Arkadia/Vilis Pg.72 Illegal- Hijack

Boom Time Lunion/Lunion to Gandr/Lunion Pg.75 Legal-Investigation

My Fair Patient Ruby/Jewell to Jewell/Jewell Pg.80 Legal-Security

Extreme Sports Edenelt/Trin’s Veil to Pepernium/Trin’s Veil Pg.83 Legal-Cargo transport/Investigation

Drug Problems Tionale/Vilisto to Denotam/Vilis Pg.87 Legal-Govt./Corporate intrigue

Saluma's Treasure Trin/Trin's Veil to Hammerium/Trin’s Veil to Aramis/Aramis Pg.90 Legal-Rescue/treasure hunt

Detached Duty Bowman/District 268 Pg. 103 Legal - Scout Service - Law Enforcement

Draykrosk’s Run Wonstar/Five Sisters to Andor/Five Sisters Pg.106 Illegal- Legal escort to red Zone

Dangerous Allegiances Dallia/District 268 to Tarkine/District 268 Pg.119 Legal - Cargo- Gov't interference

The Noctocol – Elixabeth Run Tarkine/District 268 to Dallia/District 268 to Talchek/District 268 to Elixabeth/District 268 Pg.125 Legal - Cargo

The Talchek Crossing Elixabeth/District 268 to Talchek/District 268 Pg.135 The works!

An Index and Amber Zone breakdown.

Note: Lack of Legal/Illegal indicates murkiness. Legal-Illegal indicates someone finds it illegal but is morally right or legal to another legal system. If travel involved multi-systems mentioned.

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