SOTA - Should i upgrade?


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I have already refereed SOTA in the Mongoose 1 PDF form and while the campaign itself is great, some details were lacking a lot and forced me to rewrite large junks of the modules to make it more coherent.

Now i want to give it another go with different players and i was wondering if the updated version has some improvements regarding that. Of course i know that the artwork and layout are dramatically improved but i would not spend the money just for that.

So did anybody read both iterations and can comment on that?
I've read both. The story is substantially the same. Vlan Beckett's death sends them to Regina, and then to an awkward meeting with the relatives in Alell, and then the Travellers are reacting to everything else.
It's the same text. Same characters. And the same situations turning up in both versions. Just prettier pictures in the later version.
Here's the thing - the prequel just came out, Mysteries of The Ancients, and it can lead straight into Secrets without a visible join. That story runs with the Twilight's Peak ball and takes it to a whole different place. Plenty of surprises for you in Mysteries, and you can use your original version straight up after Mysteries.
Plus, both lead to the future module Wrath of The Ancients. Something to think on.
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