Sons of Cimmeria clarification



It's my understanding from Matthew's first posting about the Sons of Cimmeria offer that 1st print owners could receive either the free downloads OR a discounted copy of the Atlantean Edition - not both.

Option 2 reads, "If you are just after the oodles of free material and are not fussed about the second printing (or want to keep a possible collectible first printing intact!), simply send your email address to"

But subsequent postings in the forum seem to suggest that all Sons of Cimmeria members can send in the corner of page 352 for a discounted copy of the AE, regardless of whether they have received the free downloads.

ALSO, does anyone know about the missing Kovag-Re module?

From the latest SOC email:
Greetings, Loyal Sons of Cimmeria!

As many of you pointed out, there were a few errors in the URLs I sent in
the last recap - all of these have now been fixed and the complete list of
what is still available is below.
Kovag-Re was NOT in the list. :(
Also attached is an order form for those after the discounted Atlantean
Edition of the main rulebook. If you have already sent in your page corner,
don't forget to include your email address. If you wish to send in a your
page corner with this order form, you are more than welcome.

There is no time limit for this offer - if someone comes up to us a year
from now with the last page corner of the original edition of the Conan RPG,
we will honour this discount.
Can we infer from this that if AE is available @ Gencon, and you come to the booth qith your 1st printing corner, you can get the discount (thus saving the shipping charge?)
Last of all, many thanks for supporting the Conan RPG from the very
beginning. We have some great supplements on the way for the game, as we
continue to delve ever deeper into the Hyborean Kingdoms. . .