SOC question


Ive recently subscribed to the SOC list. Is there any way to get te previously released material?

Apparently the SOC program will soon be cancelled. :roll:

Yes. Mongoose had said that there will be a "catch-up period" shortly before the program ends.

msprange said:
... However, at some point in the future, we _will_ do a recap of all the files that have gone before, so you will not miss out, even if you signed up late.

I haven't heard any specific dates/times/etc. but I'm sure we will.

As for it being cancelled, from what I understand it was always intended to be a temporary program, and that it would end when the second printing was issued.
Good QUestion. I am loving Conan. My first download from SOC is great, but I can't wait to get the back issued stuff.
In one of the other threads Matthew Sprange said that the 2nd printing would be released at GenCon, which is in August I believe.

Since that release signals the end of the SoC program, I'd guess that the catch up period would be late July or early August. IIRC one of the mongoose people (mongooses. mongoosi, mongeese?) said it would last for several days.

Keep in mind that that is only a guess on my part. For what it's worth.
Just received my first scenario. Excellent. Hopefully they'll do the catch-up after GenCon