Sneak Attacks and Attacks of Opportunity


I've searched through old posts, so forgive me if this topic has been covered. I know there has been a good debate on certain aspects of sneak attack, but haven't found answers to these specific questions.

In any case, I was hoping people could shed some light on the wording in the Conan rules and when a thief can use sneak attack.

1) Will a thief always get his sneak attack dice against an opponent who is denied his defense bonus or flanked? i.e. can he get sneak attack dice if he is flanking an opponent who provokes an attack of opportunity?

2) If the above answer is yes, can he only sneak attack a person once a round, or as many attacks as he can get in while his opponent is still flanked or otherwise? Would his AOO be a sneak attack and then his first normal attack be a sneak attack also in the same round?

I know about feinting and sneak attack, and dual wielding and sneak attack, but I was wondering if the above questions came up in anyone else's game, especially with the opportunist and improved trip feats.

Thanks in advance for the help.
There is no theoretical limit to the number of sneak attacks that can be made in a round.

Any time a character makes an attack under conditions for which a sneak attack is allowed (generally, while flanking or versus a flat-footed opponent) the attack can be considered a sneak attack.

This applies to any and all iterative attacks due to high BAB or two weapon fighting and AoOs.