SLaine RPG, Are all the books still available?


I had put in orders for the books FINIANS, TEETH OF THE MOONSOW, RAGNAROK, & THE WAY OF THE HORNED GOD at my local supplier.

Well, it's been three months & I haven't heard from them, & after reading some of the posts on this forum, I beginning to feel as though there are none left.

Tell me if they are still available?
you can directly order from Mongoose and it seems all books are available.
In any case, you can find them on ebay shops in brand new state for the same price and sometimes even cheaper.
After four months of waitng for the those books my local bookstore tells me that those books are out of print and no longer available.

Good Grief!

Well, they still appear to be available here. It's just a pain in the ass ordering through or over the internet. Espeically since I don't use credit card any more. I've been burned before on my old Westpac card.

I was wondering if they use money orders.

Anyway. I wanna know the truth. Do they still have the source books.
for the Slaine RPG. The three or four adventure module books.
You can ask Mongoose directly (top right button) for availability but usually when a book is no longer available there is a N/A mark nearby.

Anyway you can still find slaine books on ebay. There are many shops which sell their items on this auction market and theirs books are new.
Seems fishy to me.

The problem is, I don't use Ebay, or any other internet based market.
I don't do credit card purchases. I destroyed my card years ago.

I only get these type of books from a military bookstore & I did try asking at the only other store which has been selling the more recent D20 & White-Wolf games. Well they look at you funny when you ask for any thing more than a year old.

So, what do you do?
No fishy at all because many ebay shops accepts a lot of payment methods (cheques, money order, etc.).
just try this link:
The store is run by Dave Nelson. It's great there.
They are indeed still available - if you let us know the name and contact details of your local store, we'll sort them out!
The place in question is Napoleons Military BookStore, Albert Street Brisbane ( Near the Dendy Cinema.), Queensland, Australia.

They spiecalise in Military paraphenalia, but they also have a descent Role Playing Game section. I used to buy alot of White-Wolf stuff off them. They also stock alot of D20. I think there policy is, that if it's fairly recent of very popular fantacy, wargaming litrature & if it sells well they will stock it, if they don't stock it & it's not too old and still in print, then they can probably still get it in for you. By this I am not saying that they are solely a ordering service, and have to agree to a ordering request.

But the fact is that nearly four months ago, they said yes, we will order the book I requested. 'Finians.' While making arrangments to order 'Teeth of the Moon Sow', ' Ragnarok', 'The Way of the Horned God' to be purchased in succession after the first one comes through.

They now have Finians in ready for me to pick up. I asked about them now ordering the others, but they now tell me they are no longer printed & out of stock.

Sounds like they don't like my buisness & now that I am better aqquainted with your website, I just think that's highly suspect.

Why can't things be simple?
Nowadays almost every books and games shops order from wholesalers and it is possible this wholesalers don't care to order anymore books that were printed 4-5 years ago because asked quantities are too small compared to their bothering.

Thus Napoleon also was in Australia? He probably confonded with his arch-ennemy Austria.
its my primary source of buying back copies :wink: look up 2000AD not slaine and also access the uk site ie if not in the uk go worldwide .but if you are after slaine compendiums put in slaine also thats were rpg books turn up oh and happy hunting :D