Slaine Monster PDF solutions?

good idea hash working on
warcranes(noble flying steeds for heroes on epic quests)
iron Bull demon(summoned by anicent pact in only the most dangerous times or will face its wrath)
ram horned serphants(servants of the beast lord wrath)
king cat(intelligent talking cat the size of a ox who is known as a seer and truth sayer)
Hi there!

I handed in "nisse" (Norwegian/Midgard spirit folk) this afternoon. I am interested in the nordic elements of Slaine!

Blue Crane
this is important too keep slaine alive and kicking so come on slaine heads please post too matt and leave the title of the wee beastie here thanks 8)
hassanisabbah said:
Ok I promise I'll try to get some done this weekend.... :shock:

know I will see things from hash and hopefully some more norse goodies from blue crane so come on you other guys and girls send something too matt please :D
So I had a thought for some sea critters and one that seemed very much on the top of my list to create was a gigantic Angler fish that patrols the deep waters around the Land of the Young.

The deep sea angler is a grotesque-looking fish that lives in the extreme depths of the ocean. It has a large mouth likes with sharp, fang-like teeth. Its appearance has earned it a second name of "The Black Devil".

The angler gets its name from the long, modified dorsal spine which is tipped with a light producing organ known as a photophore. Like many other deep water fish, the angler uses this organ like a lure to attract its prey. It will flash its light on and off while waving it back and forth like a fishing pole. When the prey fish gets close enough, the angler snaps it up with its powerful jaws. A strange fact about the deep sea angler is the fact that the male is smaller and different in appearance from the female,

The deep sea angler is found throughout the world at depths of over 3000 feet. However some have spotted the large beasts coming up to shallower depths for the taste of other forms of meat..... :twisted: figured this thing would be about 40 feet (12 m) long? Since it would be one of the Great Beasts of the sea.

Just an Idea? Was gonna stat these things but if someone else wants to give it a try they can. I will get some stats up here soon unless someone beats me to it. Thought about creating stats for the Megalodon shark as well.
has anyone else sent a new slaine creature too matt?,if the answer is yes please can you tell us the title so we dont send the same things.Thank you
Daithi, I am somewhat knowledgeable in the creation of pdfs, I would be happy to lend a helping hand. However, creating just plain text pdfs is rather easy look for a program on the web known as cutepdfwriter. It is free. It allows you to print just about anything as a pdf. Otherwise don't hesitate to email me, like I said before I'd be happy to help a fellow gamer.