SIZ of Elves?


I am sitting here jotting down information for an elf NPC for an upcoming game. I just can't remember what the SIZ (Dice and averages) for Elves are and don't have my copy of Monsters of Legend with me so can't check it myself. Anyone able to help me out?
Dice Average
STR 2D6+3 -- 10
CON 3D6 -- 11
SIZ 2D6+6 -- 13
INT 3D6+6 -- 17
POW 2D6+6 -- 13
DEX 3D6+6 -- 17
CHA 3D6 -- 11

Combat Actions 3
Damage Mod +0
Magic Points 13
Movement 10m
Strike Rank +17 (+14 if armoured)
Typical Armour: Leather (AP 2, -3 SR)
Traits: Life SEnse, Night Sight.